Trending Kitchen Renovation Tips For 2016

Prepare Your Kitchen for the New Year!

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. If you are one of those homeowners thinking of giving your home a new look for the New Year, then best to check out these kitchen design trends.

Make your kitchen 2016-ready!

Stainless is Cool

HGTV design stars David Bromstad and Emily Henderson shared some insights on what kitchens we’ll be seeing for 2016. According to them, stainless steel can be a good addition to your home.

“As a designer, I love stainless steel. It’s very classic, but it’s also nice to have something new like another option out there and the black stainless steel is the new option. It makes it feel really modern and really fresh,” according to the designer.

“On top of that a real nice addition is that this finish is smudge resistant, fingerprint resistant.”

“What’s hot in kitchen design right now is not to do the whole matchy-matchy cabinets. It really isn’t. Doing a different lower cabinet to a different higher cabinet.”

You may want to check with your interior designer for themes or design options to incorporate stainless steel. Upgrading your kitchen with premium appliances can also help in increasing the value of your home – should you decide to sell it in the future. If not, then the modern and chic feel does not hurt either. Real estate agents and architectural insiders will tell you that steel series fixtures and components can do a lot to transform your kitchen and home.

Soft and Muted Colours

Good news to those thinking of a new kitchen colour. Interior designers are expecting motifs to dominate the year. Imagine backsplashes and less saturated tones. Other options include neutral pastels, greys and charcoal. Ask your professional painter for help to achieve a tinted white – it will be the new standard white. As for bold and primary colours, they are now for the back burner.

Smart Spaces

Many have predicted about smart homes to be a reality soon and that is coming closer. More appliances and technologies are becoming smarter. Why not try a smart kitchen renovation make-over? This can change the value and capabilities of your kitchen for years to come.

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