Builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney – Tips for Estimating Building Costs

The planning phase of building

Whether you are planning to build a whole new home, renovate an old home, or add a house extension to your existing home, planning is the first phase of the process. Before you even consider what builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney services you want to hire, it’s essential that you know what it will entail and calculate the approximate cost of your project. We have done some research and talked with people who have built before to help you in your effort to calculate your building expenses so you will know how to budget your money. Read more

How To Grow Your Own Potatoes At Home

Grow your own potatoes at home!

The future is about going green and being sustainable. With all the climate change and ongoing debates, learning how to grow your own plants can pay off in the long run and one of the best ways to start on this green initiative is learning how to grow your own potatoes.

Growing potatoes in your own home can be both exciting and economical. And better still, you can save money knowing you have a food source right at your own backyard.

Here are some tips you can follow if you want to produce your own potatoes.

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Why Aussies Love Granny Flats

Granny Flats Trends

The construction of granny flats has been continuously growing in popularity during the past two years, particularly in Australia.

If you’re thinking of building one, here are some of the usual ways families use their granny flats.

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Choosing Builders Sydney to Meet the Housing Demand

Builders Sydney – Good News and Bad News

The good news about Sydney is that the real estate market growth is expected to continue over the course of this year.  What’s the bad news? The bad news is that there are not enough builders in Sydney to carry the load. Read more

HIA Report Reveals Renovations On The Increase for 2015

Home Renovations: The Outlook is Positive

If you are considering a renovation for your home in Sydney  or anywhere in Australia this year, you are not alone. Even though the current economy is weak and unstable, more Australians are planning on renovating in 2015. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Residential Construction Outlook Report, the forecast for renovations in Australia is to expect growth in the range of about $26.98 billion, which is 1.3 percent higher than last year. In light of rising unemployment, reduced household income, and the lack of confidence in economic growth nationwide, the activity of building renovations is like a bright beacon in the midst of it all. Read more

House Painters Sydney – Why Ask for Eco-Friendly Paint?

House Painters Sydney: VOCs versus non VOCs

Most Australians are choosing the Eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s not just a fad or a trend, but a lifestyle that can protect your health and well-being. This fact covers a wide scope of arenas including house painting. You may find that many house painters Sydney tradies prefer using paints with no VOCs over those with these chemicals. Read more

Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

Ideally, the idea of installing smoke alarms should not even be discussed anymore. After all, they have already proven time and again that they are our first line of defence against fires, which could hit any home large or small. However, it is a sad fact that some home owners seem to not see how important having smoke alarms installed is, and they are exactly why this should be stressed over and over again.

Installing smoke alarms, however, is not the end of it as far as providing your home with security from fires is concerned. Smoke alarms, after all, are electronic devices that require maintenance. You can’t just install smoke alarms, forget all about them and still expect them to warn you of a fire at all times. You should check your smoke alarms regularly or they won’t be working properly enough to warn you of a fire should it actually occur.

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Keep the Air in Your Home Clean With Houseplants

houseplants that help clean the air inside your homeIt is a fact that the with all the pollutants, allergens and dust that enter our homes on a daily basis, the air inside our homes is far from being as clean as we would like. And with our ever-growing consciousness about conserving energy at home, these pollutants, allergens and dust just keep on circulating inside our homes because of all the insulation. Of course, the common resort is to install exhaust fans or open the windows and doors periodically, but did you know that we can keep the air inside our home clean through our, green, leafy friends that breathe carbon dioxide?

Yes, there are houseplants that help clean the air inside your home. That, on top of their ability to add colour and life to any space. Here are some of those houseplants that can help in keeping your indoor air clean.

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Basic Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

Central Air Conditioner MaintenanceLike any machine, your central air conditioner needs to be properly maintained in order to perform at optimum capacity. On top of that, central air conditioner maintenance prolongs the unit’s life. Neglect central air conditioning maintenance, and you can only expect efficiency loss, breakdowns and eventually, enough damage to require replacement way before its time.

Maintaining your central air conditioner may sound like an intimidating task, but it can actually be done by any home owner who has enough DIY sense. If you’re thinking of going the DIY route in maintaining your central air conditioner, here are the steps you need to follow.

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The Importance of Proper Ventilation at Home

proper ventilation at homeThere was a time when all a person had to do to achieve proper ventilation at home was to open a window or a door. These days, however, proper ventilation the natural way has become some sort of a complicated matter. Opening a window could either mean higher energy costs or letting more pollutants from the outside in. Still, every home needs proper ventilation—open windows or not—because it is critical to home comfort in so many ways.

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