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Adding Value to Your Outdoor Space

When your home street frontage has appeal, you’ll be sure to impress guests and visitors even before they enter your home. Not too mention, a good landscaping job can add considerable value to your property.

One of the most effective ways to improve appeal is by improving the garden and landscaping.

4 Home Landscaping Tips that won’t break the bank

  1. Divide your landscaping project into phases

Not everyone has the time and money to cultivate a delightful garden in just one go. The smart way to landscape is by dividing your project into three or four phases or sections.

This will help you better manage your costs. This also gives you the chance to evaluate your progress and make changes to your plans when necessary.

If you are planning on engaging a landscaper, they can help you design and budget for each phase.

  1. Reuse old stuff

A little imagination can help you save money and make your yard more unique and rustic.

For instance, an old guitar can serve as a planter.

Old wood planks can make your ordinary fence stand out.

Look around your home and you may just come across a rather useless thing and turn it into an intricate garden addition.

  1. Group plants and flowers

The same plants and flowers can look better if grouped in a creative manner.

Don’t be afraid to be playful when setting up your garden. Combine complimentary colours, experiment with elevations, and use different pots to make your design look more chic and expensive.

  1. Invest on perennials

Perennial plants are practical because they last for more than two years.

With the right arrangements, your garden will look more modern and attractive. Buy Veronica, Allium, and Sage that come in different colours to add variety.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be resourceful and inventive for your yard to look fantastic.

Looking for local landscapers and tradesmen to help?

Why not contact our free tradesmen concierge service and see how we can help make your home transformation or renovation a success.

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