How to Maximise Space at Home

maximise space at homeWe could be living in a small apartment or a humongous mansion, but there will always be that seemingly insatiable need for more space. That’s why people who live in houses big or small are always trying to find ways to maximise space at home in order to make it feel more spacious and welcoming.

You’ll certainly be surprised how much space you really have once you make an effort to maximise space at home, even if you’re just living in a studio apartment. To help you out, we’d like to offer these tips to maximise space at home.

Come up with a storage plan to make the kitchen roomier

Being the busiest room in your entire house, it’s only right to do what you can to maximise space in the kitchen. To make the kitchen more functional and welcoming, you would do well to have a storage plan in place. Vertical storage shelving does wonders, and so do drawer organizers for dry goods and food storage containers. Throw away any old, half-eaten and expired dry good. For your pots and pans, an overhead storage will save you up a lot of space.

Open up your hallways

Your hallways are what connect the rooms in your home from the front door to any other area in the house. While it should be free of unnecessary design elements for more space, it should not be left bare. Shelves, cabinets, decorative fixtures and a light element would lend some degree of sophistication to the area.

Use multifunctional furniture in the living room

The living room is where you do most of your household activities, from watching television to playing video games. It could get a little crowded every now and then, but you have the chance to make it more spacious by using multifunctional furniture there. Ottomans are a perfect example of multifunctional furniture in the living room. These ottoman coffee tables and ottoman seats, apart from providing a place for your refreshments or a comfortable place to sit, also happen to have a hollow interior that makes them a perfect place to store everything from DVDs to books.

We also recommend that you stick to just one design theme for your living room. When you put all kinds of design elements in the living room, any space that could be used for storage and movement tends to get wasted. One design theme, on the other hand, not only helps you maximise space, but also gives your living room a unified appeal.

Organise your bedroom

The bedroom is where you ultimately relax after a long, hard day. But how can you relax when it’s a disorganized mess that leaves practically very little breathing room? To maximise bedroom space, it is going to need some serious organising, and the closet is the best place to start. Make sure that all your closets are used properly. If you can, buy closet organizers that segregate type of clothes, shoes and accessories. Any out of season clothing should be stored in storage containers underneath the bed. Do serious functional organising of your closet, and everything else will follow.

We totally understand how essential it is to maximise space at home, and we really hope the tips above can be of help to you.

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