Why Are My Paint Quotes So Different?

What to look out for when sourcing paint quotes for your home

Prices for a painter can differ greatly from one quote to another. This may leave you feeling confused as to who is the best painter to complete your job.

Read on so you can better understand why the painting quotes you are looking at may be different:

3 Reasons Why Your Paint Quotes May Differ

  1. The quality of paint

A good painter is more likely to use a high quality paint. The will usually result in a better quality finish, and add years to the life of your paint job as compared to a poor quality paint.

That is why it is always important to ask your painter about the quality of paint and the brand he/she will be using.

Take the time to understand how this paint compares to others on the market.

  1. The number of paint coats

Another reason quotes vary is because of the number of paint coats that may be included in the work scope.

A good painter will always outline how many coats of paint will be done.

Be cautious of any quotes that do not specify this.

The number of paint coats needed, will depend on the current condition of the area that needs painting, the vibrancy of colours, and the finishing touches you want to achieve.

  1. How much prep work Is involved to fix cracks, etc.

A good painter will never just start “painting” the walls. They will look at the conditions of the walls and ceilings to determine if they require patch-up, fillings and repair beforehand.

Depending on the condition, there could be considerable time needed on this, which is obviously factored into the quote and costing. This may include work such as sanding and plastering.

Avoid any painter that is not willing to conduct these fixes and be cautious of any quotes that don’t specify this.

Hiring a painter just because he provided a cheaper quote is not always the best option because it may in fact cost you more long term.

We hope this guide helps!

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