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Take the time to find the best Plumber Parramatta

When it comes time to find a Parramatta plumber take the time to do your research. Practically every single day in the news you are hearing of individuals who were ripped off, scammed, or who unfortunately received horrible workmanship. When all seems hopeless, there are ways to protect yourself, and your home, from becoming the next victim.

Realising that from time to time you will need the help of a professional, such as a Sydney plumber, you also need to know what to ask in order to make certain you have a professional. Here are a few suggestions to help you along the way.

Don’t settle for first!

If your need for a plumber is not an emergency and you have time to gather quotes, do it. Do not just hire the first one that comes around, or the lowest-priced one that comes around. Often times it is true: you get what you pay for. Just because you receive a low quote, that doesn’t always equal a high level of service. Plumbers generally have set fees, with tons of wiggle room. Not to mention those fees vary greatly from one to another.

Check those numbers, twice!

Legally, a plumber must be licensed and show their licence number on their paperwork. This includes the written quote they leave you with. If there is no licence number, do not consider hiring them. If there is a number, verify it with the state or territory in which they claim it was issued.

Double check insurance!

Asking them if they are insured is fine, but make them prove it as well. Ask to see the insurance documentation for the plumber that will be on your property. This is not an uncalled for request. Once you have the insurance information, call the company to verify it. Once again, protect yourself and your property.

Get it in writing!

Before any work begins make certain to get a written contract to protect not only yourself, but the plumber as well. Make sure it has a clear date, contractor’s ABN or business number, the business name and phone number, the job is clearly explained, and that the plumber has signed it. Once you agree with it, sign it and keep a copy for yourself.

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