Living Room Renovation Guide: What to Keep, Toss and Fix in Your Home

Learning to Fix Your Living Room

Renovating is not just about changing the style of your home. It is also about deciding whether you keep your previous belongings or start from scratch. Some may begin in the middle of the two but the question remains: how you figure out which to keep, toss or fix in your home when renovating and designing?

Does It Works in the Space

Your existing pieces can actually be your shopping inspiration. Ask if your current possessions are the right style for your home or what you want to achieve upon renovation.  You have to be both tough and objective when deciding if to say goodbye to your pieces. If some pieces have sentimental value then you should consider that all other additions or new selections will compliment the piece rather than emphasising it is a left over. Have a clear idea of how you want to use your space.

Consider Value when Renovating and Designing

Do you have a chest, stand or any other piece you cannot stand but is too valuable? You can always talk to a reputable dealer to resell. Some resellers can allow you to swap it for another piece. Consult your interior designer on whether you should retain or replace the item. Think of your home’s theme and see if the piece still works or not.

If it really comes down to the value and you do not want to let go of the piece or pieces then you can ask your home designer, painters, builder or carpenter to design the living space to compliment what you have. Perhaps you can put up more cabinets, repaint certain pieces, clear out a space or build a certain theme around it/them.

Tweak It

If you love your pieces so much or they are still relatively new then consider revamping them. You can reupholster an almost-new sofa to fit your living room’s new theme. You can have your rustic coffee table sanded and repainted to match a more modern look. You can bring back furniture and other components in your living room by simply repainting them. Consider this an option if you are on a budget but would still like to transform your home. Your home interior designer will most likely know countless options of bringing pieces to life.

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