Essential Safety Gear for Every Tradie

Tradie Safety Comes First

If you’re a tradesmen running your own business, there is a lot of equipment you need to operate a safe and effective business every day and get your job done without risk to yourself or to others.

Essential Personal Protective Equipment

Depending what industry you are in there is a variety of personal protective equipment you may be required to wear in your job. If you’re working on a mine site, as a welder or on a construction site you will most likely require face, eye and head protection to ward against falling objects, flying sparks and other incidents that may occur from hanging objects.

If you’re operating heavy machinery or working on a particularly noisy work site or in a factory, you may be required to have ear protection to protect your ear drums against the noise. Industrial deafness is a common condition for many people who have worked in the trades industry so make sure you’re protected.

Most tradesmen can’t step onsite without steel capped boots to protect their feet and high visibility vests so you can be easily seen when working in hazardous situations.

You also might require respiratory equipment, safety cloves and protective clothing if working with chemicals or to stop you inhaling dust.

Essential Occupational Health and Safety Gear

First Aid Kit – As a tradesmen you should have carry a heavy duty First Aid Kit with your supplies for every job you go to. If a staff member, a client or even yourself are injured on site, you need to have basic medical supplies on hand to address the injury until further medical treatment arrives if required if it’s serious, or simply so you can all get back to work if it’s not so serious.

Spill kits – If you’re working with hazardous chemicals and solutions it’s a requirement to have the correct spill kits on hand to properly and effectively clean up and dispose of any spills that might occur.

Essential Insurance Protection

As you can see, tradies work in hazardous situations every day and have to go to great lengths will all of their safety gear to ensure they’re protected in these environments, but what about protection for the other people on site?

As a business owner, your safety responsibility extends to clients and other tradesmen not under your employment. If your actions result in injury to someone else or damage to someone’s property, your business will be liable for the associated medical or repair costs. Public liability insurance is the protection you need to ensure your business is a safe and successful one, covering you for third party injury and damage to third party property.

So before you step onsite, make sure you pack your public liability insurance in with your safety gear.

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