Tips For Preparing Your Baby’s Room

preparing your baby's roomCongratulations! In a just a short while, you will be welcoming the newest addition to your family. By now, you should have already prepared his or her room. If you still haven’t, we’d like to share some tips for preparing your baby’s room to help you make sure that your baby’s room will have everything that it needs.

Clean the room thoroughly

Your baby needs a very clean environment, so one of the very first things that you need to do is make sure that the room is free of dust, dirt and all kinds of clutter. Vacuum the floor, scrub the walls and clear the room of old toys and furniture that your baby wouldn’t need.

Paint the baby room in soft tones

Stimulus is good for the development of your baby, and when you paint the baby room in soft tones and pastel colors, you are providing your baby with great visual stimuli. Avoid the strong, dark colours, and the colour yellow as well, since this ironically “happy” colour has been scientifically proven to make babies cry. To ensure a non-toxic environment for your baby, make sure that the paint you use for the room has low or no-VOC.

Baby furniture

Generally, when we talk baby furniture, the one thing that readily comes to mind is the cot. There are dozens upon dozens of designs available out there, but we recommend a baby cot that can be converted into a bed for a small child. It would be nice to see your child grow into this indispensable baby furniture, and the more value you’re squeezing out of it wouldn’t hurt too.

Décor and accessories

This is where you can get real creative. Sometimes, however, parents get a little too creative and over-decorate, and end up giving their baby a stimuli overload. The best thing to do when it comes to décor is to keep it simple. Early on, just take a piece of baby furniture or some kind of artwork as a singular a single focus for the room.

As for accessories, put in age-appropriate ones like baby mobiles. However, you should not hang the baby mobiles over where the baby sleeps. Baby mobiles provide a lot of stimulus, and you wouldn’t want your baby stimulated all day and all night, would you? The best place to hang baby mobiles would be in a ‘play’ section of the room or over a change table.

When preparing your baby’s room, you have the option to do all these things yourself, or you can get the services of a tradesperson for parts of it and get it done properly, efficiently and quickly. Should you go for the latter, you can always call us, and we can help you with the right tradespeople to get your baby’s room ready and make it perfect for your new arrival.

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