Home Renovation Costing Tips

3 Places To Start!

Ready for a home renovation? One of the biggest challenges is always sticking to budget and knowing where to spend and where to save.

That’s why we have come up with the best tips to help you with your next home renovation project.

  1. Research your trade costs

Before you go out spending your entire home renovation budget, pause and do your research. Get a good idea on your trade labour costs. You can ask builders, electricians, plumbers or interior designers for quotes and compare their services and fit for you. There will always be differences in quality of work and finishes so you have to know what you are prepared to pay for.

Word of caution, the cheapest builder or tradies may not always be the best fit, and tradie selection certainly isn’t the area where price should be the only motivator for your decision. You should consider experience, skill sets and who you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Shop around for fixtures and fittings

Even if you are prepared to spend big on your home renovation, it pays to know how to save on fixtures and other components. Salvage and source out materials beyond the usual local spots and shops.

Scout showrooms, out of area warehouses, eBay and search the internet for special clearance sales.

Sticking to standard and commercial offerings may undermine your space instead of finding a local craftsman to do the exact fittings.

For instance, a good local cabinet maker may offer you a better custom made solution than store purchased pre-made cabinets and kitchens.

  1. Mix and Match with your home design

You can combine expensive and affordable elements in your home. This not only gives you more savings but you can play with your home’s layout and design better. Mixing and matching fixtures can make even the cheapest ensemble undetectable amongst your pricier possessions. Remember three important factors in ensuring your home renovation is a success: seamless fitting, honest materials and good layout.

However, do not go cheap on your paint. Any professional painter will tell you that cheap paint is false economy. Extremely low priced paints do not offer the best quality finish. You could end just repainting it within a couple of years instead of getting a nice long lasting finish.

Find Renovators and Other Tradesmen for your Home

If you are looking for good tradesmen or builders to help with your home renovation, why not let our free Tradebusters tradesmen concierge assist you. All our tradies are tried and tested for your peace of mind.

Tell us about your renovation needs and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to help get you started.

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