Creating Play Space for Kids at Home

make your house conducive to creative play for kidsMost of the time, your child’s playtime takes place within the confines of your own home. Now the question is, does your house provide them the opportunity not only for boisterous play but also quiet and introspective play?

If you’re not sure, here are some ideas for creative place space in your house for the kids.

Put in the playroom toys that encourage problem solving and invention

A prime example of toys that encourage problem solving and invention are Legos. Now you might think of these tiny toys as an annoyance you regularly step on–painfully at that–at home, but Legos are actually very instrumental in developing their problem solving abilities as well as their sense of creativity. For more toys that encourage problem solving and invention in your child, put up a loose-parts station in the playroom and see what they do with those loose parts.

Put up dedicated stations for play

Speaking of stations in the playroom, it would be really awesome if you can organise your child’s playroom in such a way that a certain spot is meant for a specific kind of activity. As previously mentioned above, one station could be for loose toy parts that they can tinker with; another spot could be for drawings or any kind of artwork; the room should also have a quiet corner for reading. They can do any activity whenever they feel like it, on the way to exploring, discovering, learning and solving problems on their own.

Give them more play space

The chaotic nature of kids playing often prompts us to limit their playing space so they won’t make much of a mess. However, you need to know how liberating it can be for them get more play space and be able to play with the abandon of, well, a child. The best thing you can do is give them more play space so they can spread out, accept that they will certainly make a mess all over the house, and just be prepared to clean it all up after they’re done playing.

Introduce complex shapes and sizes to the playroom

There is a relationship between us and the space around us, and that is something you have to encourage your kids to understand. Painting the walls with a variety of shapes, putting in toys of varying sizes and making a fort out of boxes, among other things, can help them see the world a little differently.

Encourage multi-sensory play

Your child’s playroom will certainly inspire a lot of creativity in your child if possesses elements that make them use multiple senses to enjoy them. You can put in artwork that will encourage visual creativity, or instruments to make them hear and appreciate music.

Provide materials for creating something

Crayons are good, but there are a lot more stuff you can put in the playroom that will trigger creativity in your child. Clay, markers, watercolours, coloured paper—all these materials can boost your child’s creativity, particularly when you don’t provide specific instructions on what to do with them.

Playtime is very important to a child’s development. If we adults think of playtime as a form of relaxation when work is done, children see it a bit differently. As far as kids are concerned, play, learning and work are one and the same. Play, to them, is life itself, so join in the fun and get some creative space happening at your house for the kids to enjoy.

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