How to Use Zoning In Your Home

zoning in your homeWhenever we hear the word ‘zoning’, the thing that readily comes to mind is that device used by local governments in developed countries for land-use planning purposes. What you probably don’t know is that the concept of zoning can also be applied within your home to help you organise and arrange everything about it. An article by Naomi Findlay for talks at length about zoning in your home.

Zoning helps us avoid clutter

The concept of zoning in your home works around that law of physics about the path of least resistance. When we zone items in our home, we are in effect providing ourselves the path of least resistance, and that will boost the chance that we will always return things where they actually belong. In effect, zoning helps us avoid clutter, which is mainly caused by a home’s resident taking stuff out and not returning it to its rightful place after using it.

Zoning does sound very useful, especially when you have kids living with you at home. If you’re interested in zoning your home, you can refer to the checklist provided by Findlay towards the end of her article, which asks you about the function of the item and what task do you use it during, among other things.

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