Why Choose a Fiber Glass Shower Base When Renovating

benefits of fiber glass shower basesToday’s article comes from Tim, one of our terrific Sydney bathroom renovators in the Tradebusters network and is all about the benefits of fiber glass as your material of choice for your shower base.

Luxurious but affordable

If you’re renovating your bathroom, I recommend that you choose a fiber glass shower base. Now that may sound luxurious and expensive, but it’s really not, not the “expensive” part at least. As a matter of fact, a fiber glass shower base is your most affordable option. You also have a wide range of choices. Fiber glass shower bases are easy to install, and they come in many sizes and colours that go with your bathroom.

Less likelihood for cracks

Unlike tiled shower bases, a fiber glass shower base can flex when taking the weight of anyone in the shower, which means cracks are less likely to happen. Since a fiber glass shower base does not have seams or grout, cleaning it is also so much easier.

Non-slip surface

More importantly, a fiber glass shower base has a non-slip surface that protects you from accidents while in the shower. It does that, and provides you with a luxurious bathing experience at the same time.

So if you’re about to renovate your bathroom, keep these benefits of fiber glass shower bases in mind.

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