12 Small Home Projects You Can Do In Your Spare Time

small home projectsEvery home owner would love to do projects around the house. Projects, however, could take a lot of time, money and effort, and many home owners cannot spare much of those.

Still, some projects are small enough to be done in your spare time, like when you’re waiting for that roast in the oven to cook or waiting for clothes to come out of the dryer. Here are some of those small home projects that will cost you almost nothing yet help achieve some noticeable result.

1. Clean up your front entryway

Get rid of dust and cobwebs that have accumulated outside the front of your home. Use an outdoor broom with stiff bristles to get them off your outdoor ceiling, walls and floor. First impressions count, so a good clean up here, will impress your visitors.

2. Clean glass and mirrors.

Your home must have its share of glass surfaces and mirrors, so with fresh microfibre cloths and water, wipe down all mirrors, glass tables and windows at home. You also have the option to use a commercially available glass cleanser.

3. Replace your showerhead

If your showerhead is not yet a low-flow unit, replace them with one, which helps you save money on your water bill. This should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

4. Make your bed like a pro

You make your bed daily, but how good are you at it? Plumping your pillows, smoothing the sheets and placing a blanket folded in thirds at the foot of the bed doesn’t really take much time, so get on with it and come home to a beautifully made bed all the time.

5. Organise your toiletries

Take a look at your toiletries and throw away expired stuff, clean the bottles and shelves, and arrange them according to the order you use those products during the day.

6. Clear the fridge

While you’re clearing things, you might as well reach into your refrigerator and toss stuff that has been sitting there for far too long. In a few minutes, you’ll have a more spacious fridge free of expired stuff, all in just a matter of minutes.

7. Create a collection

Look around your house and find stuff that would look real nice when put together, and put them on display on a shelf or a cabinet.

8. Organise your accessories

Take all the bags, purses, scarves, belts and other accessories that you use everyday and arrange them according to your preferences. You can hang bags and belts on hooks or line them up on shelves. Jewelry should have their own box. Keep in mind that when you organise your accessories, make sure you put them in a very accessible area.

9. Do some flower arrangements

The arrangement doesn’t have to be so gorgeous that you could give the local florist a run for his or her money. If you have fresh flowers at home, spread them across various vases, wineglasses or proper containers.

10. Give your coffee table some style

You won’t need much to style your coffee table or your ottoman. A tray, some books, a candle, a vase and a few small decorative objects will do. Do some experimenting on where to put which object, and you’ll be done styling your coffee table in no time.

11. Take care of your houseplants

Houseplants are living things that need care, and caring for them doesn’t take much time. Water them, get rid of dead leaves and wipe dust off plants with large leaves using a soft cloth.

12. Transform your bathroom into something fancy

Doing this sounds fancy, but it’s really not. Just get a bar of your best-looking soap, grab a small vase of flowers and some candles and place them accordingly around the bathroom. Rolled fresh washcloths and bath towels can make a bathroom look fancy too.


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