Bathroom Renovation Guide – 5 Tips for Success

Achieving Style and Functionality in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house. However, as with most homeowners, deciding what to do with it can be confusing. If you wish to improve or change your bathroom, we have compiled a list of considerations and tips to guide you.

  1. Plan the design

Before embarking on any bathroom renovation project, it is best to be definite about your design. Are you simply renovating, adding some features or will you be overhauling the entire place? There is a difference between the two including the amount of time, effort and money you will be allocating. Focus on the style and function – why you want to renovate the space in the first place.

  1. Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Renovating may come off as a challenge especially with your existing plumbing and fixtures. Make sure your design and plan consider the installed faucets, toilet, bathtubs and other plumbing components. It is either you are prepared to rearrange/overhaul them or work around them. There are instances you can simply change the look of your bathroom by switching door handles, painting the wall new or experimenting with shower doors and cabinets. This is why it is best to ask your builder on how best to manage your existing bathroom features with your plan and budget. 

  1. Contractor

The success of any bathroom renovation project will also depend on the tradie you will work with. A bathroom renovation usually involves the use of several trades including a tiler, cabinetmaker, plumber, electrician and even a builder If structural elements are involved. Unless otherwise you can do the job on your own, picking the right builder will ensure that you get the job done right. Learn to pick the right professional for the job. Ask for their previous projects and references so you can check their quality if work.

  1. Measurements

Measurements are crucial to any renovation project. You should take note of three major limitations on renovating bathrooms: overall bathroom size, dimensions of bathroom fixtures and location/dimension of existing wiring and plumbing pipes. Talk to your contractors and electricians on how to manage these measurements and specifications to work with your design. It can be frustrating to go on with a project and find out later you cannot continue because of existing specifications.

Find Builders and Other Tradesmen for your Renovations

If you are looking for excellent tradies and renovation professionals to help with your home renovation, why not let our free Tradebusters tradesmen concierge assist you. Tell us about your renovation needs and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to help arrange it all.

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