Working with a builder- the don’ts!

What to Avoid During a Home Renovation

Are you planning on engaging a builder for your next home build or renovation?

It’s important to know how to work successfully with your builder to get the best results for your project.

We list some of the common renovation don’ts that could cause problems between you and your builder.

When working with a builder….

Don’t delay decisions

Make a decision before any type of work starts to ensure your home renovation goes well. Excellent builders will be able to help you with planning.

What to do during these types of situations isn’t actually the cause of delay but instead, it’s the little things like the paint, type of finishes or knobs that could delay the project.

Make a list of all the fixtures you need to buy and make your selections before your renovation starts.

Avoid buying your own materials

It looks like a great way to save money but most builders can also get special discounts from their trade suppliers. They may also pass these discounts to you.

Consult with your builder on the materials to be used and check out all options. You can save time, effort and disaster if you let a professional handle these types of things.

Avoid changing your mind too much

It’s possible that you will end up changing your opinion throughout the renovation but make sure you keep it at bare minimum. Every change you make could mean a change in the work scope and potential building costs. It can be a very uncomfortable conversation with your builder about price adjustments every time you request a change.  

Decide how far to take the renovation

Builders will not directly say it but there are certain houses that are better to be rebuilt then renovated. This does not happen all the time but it might be a good idea to evaluate this as an option especially if you are planning a major renovation or thinking of adding another level.

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