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House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation for Homeowners

House Renovation in Sydney Inner West – Tips to a Successful Home Renovation: Planning Ahead

One of the keys to successful home renovations is planning ahead. After I talked to a few homeowners and tradies in the Tradebusters network, I uncovered some great tips to help make your renovation a smashing success. Following these house renovation tips in Sydney’s Inner West will help you avoid the most common mistakes others have made. Read more

House renovation Northern Beaches Sydney

House Renovation in Northern Beaches Sydney – How to Make it a Success?

House renovation in Northern Beaches Sydney – Plan ahead

Planning ahead is crucial in the success of your house renovation in Northern Beaches Sydney. This will allow you to allocate the necessary funds for the project, make adjustments to your goals and more important find the right man for the job – or woman.
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10 Questions You Must Ask Your Builder

You know you’re in for a pretty exciting experience if and when you decide to make renovations to your home. After all, this is your chance to get creative and build the kitchen, bathroom or home that you have always wanted.

The thing with renovations, however, is that can also get very stressful on so many levels. Fortunately, you can lessen some of that stress by hiring the right  builder for your home build or renovation project. In fact, hiring the right builder for your project will not only help you achieve your dream results on time and within budget but more importantly help you create a positive, enjoyable and memorable renovation experience.

To help you do this Tradebusters offers you the following 10 questions to ask and assess if a builder is the “right” builder for you:

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Home Builders Sydney – 5 Ways To Play It Safe

Planning on building?

The risks associated with building your own home can be life-changing, and not in a good way. Both homeowners and builders have responsibilities to ensure the process goes smoothly, but it’s important to know what these are before signing off on a building contract. Here are five ways to manage the risks and play it safe. Read more

Does My Sydney Renovation Need a DA?

Don’t get caught out. Your renovation may need a DA

With the real estate market being what it is over the last few years, it seems that more people are choosing to renovate their existing homes, rather than sell, buy, and move to bigger premises. This trend for renovations is readily apparent in recent year surveys conducted by Houzz and Home, which consisted of 13,000 Australian property owners.

Part of the motivation to renovate in Sydney can also be attributed to the fact that add-ons which increase living space or add more secure parking to a residence, often increase the aesthetic appeal and dollar value of a home.
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How To Do a Trade Licence Check With NSW Fair Trading

Do this before you hire your next tradie?

If you live in NSW and need to hire a builder or other tradie, did you know that they are required to be licensed to do the work which they perform? A tradie working without the proper licensing in place is breaking the law and will be fined if caught.

It’s possible to check that any tradesperson you are thinking about hiring has the proper licensing in place which ensures that they are qualified to do the work.

It also pays to keep in mind that if you use a tradesperson who isn’t licensed, then you can be held liable for any of the work they carry out.
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Sydney Builder Contracts – What Does NSW Fair Trading Say?

Don’t get caught out with a Sydney builder!  

Picking the right Sydney builder for your home or renovation is perhaps one of the most important decisions you need to make.

Getting it wrong can be costly and extremely heart breaking.

One of the best ways to protect yourself with a builder is to ensure you have a solid contract in place.

Here’s what NSW Fair Trading has to say about builder contracts.

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Working with a builder- the don’ts!

What to Avoid During a Home Renovation

Are you planning on engaging a builder for your next home build or renovation?

It’s important to know how to work successfully with your builder to get the best results for your project.

We list some of the common renovation don’ts that could cause problems between you and your builder.

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Builders North Shore – Things You Should Know about Builders

Builders North Shore: Hand-on or Not?

Many people think the term “builders” refers to carpenters. However, most builders in today’s world seldom perform carpentry work. So, if they aren’t carpenters, what do builders do?

While some builders North Shore do get involved in hands-on carpentry projects, more of them act in a supervisory manner. We spoke with some of the local North Shore builders who shared with us what they do.  Read more

Builders Sydney – Saving Money on Building a New Home

Builders Sydney: First-time home builder considerations

Making the decision to build your first home comes with a lot of responsibility and cost. However, you shouldn’t shy away from building your first home due to a strict budget.You may have to make a few compromises along the way , but overall you can still achieve a home that’s suits your needs and lifestyle. Read more