Should the Rich Be Hit With An Extra Capital Gains Tax Bill?

Family Homes Over $2 Million At Risk!

According to a report released by The Australian Institute, family homes valued over $2 million should not receive any CGT exemptions. Currently any principal home of residence receives a full CGT exemption, regardless of its value.

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Budged Friendly Renovations for Your Home

Transform Your Home Without Stretching Your Budget!

Renovating your home doesn’t need to tire out your pockets. Even with a budget as small as a few thousand dollars can provide lasting effects.

Here are tips on how you can update your house on a budget.

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Top 5 Budget Home Improvement Ideas for 2016

Improve Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

Are you thinking about improving your home but worried you don’t have a huge budget?

We list our top five ideas to inspire you for the New Year.

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New Year Home Renovating Planning Tips

Welcome the New Year With a Bang

The new year is coming and I bet you have some resolutions around your 2016 home improvements. If so, here is a guide to help you start planning.

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Home Building Guide: Tips on Choosing the Right House Plan and Builder

Planning Your Home Transformation!

Choosing the right house plan is easy so long as you know the right factors to consider. Here are our top tips in selecting a good house plan, builder and other tradies for your home.

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Sydney Pergola or Deck- Tips For The Perfect Build

Transform Your External Living Space!

Thinking of sprucing up your alfresco area? Here, we count down essential tips and tricks when working with timber decks and pergolas for your home.

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Tradesmen Tips When Renovating Your Home

Aim For The Best Home Renovation Experience

Home renovations are just as good and successful as you plan them to be. Want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and stays on budget? One of the most important elements in my mind, is managing your tradesmen well and excellent planning. These can make or break your renovation.

Check out our following tips!

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Renovating an Apartment – Are You Taking A Risk?

Apartment Renovation Considerations

Are you planning to renovate your apartment? For a few reasons, an apartment renovation may be more complex than a residential house, with a few more things to think about.

We list some of the important considerations for your apartment renovation.

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Home Renovations Sydney: Top Considerations In Finding a Home Builder

How to Find the Right Builder in Sydney

A house is a great investment especially if you choose to renovate it. However, it will only be as valuable as the quality of work. And this means finding the right builder to work with.

We have compiled a list of things you should consider when finding a Sydney home builder for your next build or renovation.

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Avoiding Renovation and Builder Disasters: Picking a Local Builder

Factors to Consider When Picking a Local Builder

According to the recent statistics by NSW Fair Trading, more than 60% of homeowners have complained about builder worksmanship and unfinished projects. If you do not want to be on the same boat when working with builders, then check out our guide on finding the right builders in Sydney.

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