Report Shows DIY Injuries on the Rise

Avoiding Danger When Renovating

Authorities are warning Australians about the risks of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects.

According to a report from ABC, the Princess Alexandra Hospital reportedly sees at least one power tool injury daily.

Injuries from DIY activities range from minor cuts to life-threatening situations.

As the situation seems to be worsening, there is a new research underway on understanding whether these disasters are just freak occurrences or whether something can be done to prevent them.

DIY enthusiast are advised to take precaution especially if they have don’t have experience in handling tools.

Renovations could be tricky and require the use of power tools that only experienced trade professionals know how to use safely.

“A nail gun to the head can be life threatening, an angle grinder to the abdominal wall can be life threatening,” the report quoted Dr Georgia Livesay.

Getting your home improvements done safely

There is certainly a place for DIY projects like painting small areas of your home or outdoor property maintenance but given these potential risks, it is important to know how far you can take it and when to call in professional tradies like builders, painters, carpenters, electricians and others.

Always remember to:

  • Source tradies from reputable online networks that screen and vet local tradesmen like Tradebusters or Tradebusters Connect
  • Alway ask for a copy of a tradesperson’s insurances and licence
  • For large renovations don’t be afraid to ask a tradesperson if can see their local projects in your area.

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