Home Design Tips Sydney – 7 Design Tips to Consider

Designs tips for your new home or home renovation project

Are you considering building a new home or doing a major renovation? There’s a lot to consider whichever road you take, but the following seven tips should help you come up with a solid plan.

1. What is your objective?

Everyone will have a different reason for renovating or building a new home. Families grow over time, and what was once a spacious house can start to feel cramped.

Kids also eventually fly the coop, leaving parents with more room than they know what to do with.

Knowing why you want to build or renovate will help you make sensible decisions.

A renovation may add value. Sometimes, adding an extra bedroom or extending the living area can recoup more value than the cost of the reno. A newer, more modern look could also increase the street appeal and attract a quicker sale.

2. Does your design need council approval?

A new carport or garden shed may not require council approval, but you will need to be sure. Your builder or renovator will be able to help you with the approval process and get it through the proper channels faster than you could do it by yourself.

3. How long do you plan to stay at the address?

If you’re planning on selling in the immediate future, you will want to know that you aren’t over capitalising on your investment. Over capitalising means that you spend more on the renovation than the amount of value it will add to the property.

However, if you plan on staying in the home for a while, then how much more comfortable the house will be after the renovation is a higher priority than the cost. The reverse is also true if you are looking to sell the property in the next few months.

4. What is your budget?

There are many factors which can set the budget for building or renovating. Your savings, equity, and income levels will factor into the equation.

The best way to know how much you can afford to put into a reno is to talk to the financial experts. Visit TradebustersConnect.com.au and get connected with business professionals who have experience helping people financing renovations or new home builds in the Sydney area.

5. Do you need an architect or home designer?

If you’re putting up more than a carport or the garden shed you bought on special at Bunnings, then you will need a professional designer or architect who can translate your vision to paper.

Good architects and home designers are hard to find, but not if you head straight to Tradebusters. Only the best in earn a place in their listings, so make sure you start your search there first.

6. Engage with an experienced builder

Planning a new home or renovation is a tricky business. There are a lot of moving parts, any one of which can add costs or stall development should things go awry.

An experienced builder will know how to deal with all of the challenges. Fortunately, Tradebusters have also developed relationships with the best builders around Sydney. You can take advantage of their expertise and get your reno or new home build off to a good start.

7. Adding wow factor with an interior designer

Builders and architects can help give your reno “good bones,” but only an interior designer can pull off stunning designs once all the walls are up. If you want to add excellent finishing touches to your new home, make sure you have some budget left over for a professional interior designer.

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