Boy, Don’t Aussies Love Home Renovations

And we plan to keep doing it!

Australians are proud of their homes and this trend will continue this year as more renovations are expected to crop up across the country.

According to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, around 8.4 million (or 62%) of Australia’s 13.6 million home owners did some type of renovation in the past year. This is higher compared to three years earlier at 7.5 million (57%).

According to a report from Roy Morgan Research, the most kind of home improvement include minor repairs and alterations. Around 5.8 million (43%) Australian home owners engaged on some minor repair or alteration in the last 12 months.

It also highlighted that painting is popular by Australians.

Around 3.7 million of Australian home owners painted their ceilings, window sills, internal and/or external walls among others.

Another big spend area was plumbing, specifically 3.4 million home owners.

“The latest figures from Roy Morgan show that, over the last few years, an increasing number of Australians are doing renovations or repairs of some description to their homes. Even bearing in mind that the number of people who own or are paying off a home has grown by 400,000 since 2013, the trend towards domestic improvement is still trending upwards,” said Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research.

“As our data also shows, home-owners who have been at the same address for a year or less tend to be more inclined to undertake renovations, alterations or repairs than people who’ve been at their address for longer. This suggests that they have recently purchased and moved into a home previously owned by someone else, and are making their own mark on it….that first year is particularly active.” He added.

Getting your renovation started

If you want to renovate your property for profit or personal use, then engaging the right local tradies is key to success.  

Always remember to:

  • Source tradies from reputable online networks that screen and vet local tradesmen like Tradebusters or Tradebusters Connect
  • Alway ask for a copy of a tradesperson’s insurances and licence
  • For large renovations, don’t be afraid to ask a tradesperson if you can see their local projects in your area.

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