4 Questions to Ask Your Landscaper

Finding the right landscaper

Planning on engaging a landscaper? Given each project is different and requires certain skillsets, knowing the right questions to ask will help you select the right business.

Below are four questions to ask when interviewing potential landscaper candidates.

  1. How long have you been in business for?

While a newbie can have all the skills and knowledge needed for landscaping, it’s always better to hire someone who has the years of experience and a proven track record behind them.

Also look at what industries they service. Residential landscaping is very different to commercial and industrial projects.

The more complex your landscaping project, the more questions you need to ask, especially around the following:

  • Structural landscaping, which may require they have a licence
  • The construction of retainer walls, paving, tiling and pergolas’ which requires specialty skills.
  1. Can I see your work in the area?

Aside from experience, you also need to see their actual work. Ask if they could show you their work in your neighbourhood.

They will gladly offer to take you around and check out their past projects if they are confident about the services they deliver.

  1. Who will do the work (you or someone else)?

Landscaping may require a lot of work, so hiring a landscaper who has a team is better than hiring a one-man show, especially if it’s a large and complex project.

  1. What price range are most of your jobs in?

Asking about the price range they offer to clients is important so you can compare various quotes.

The quote should provide a detailed description of the scope of works for the project. Keep in mind that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best.

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