What is the best type of gutter?

All gutters serve the same purpose: to divert water off a roof, away from the house itself. Not all gutters are created equal though, for one reason or another. Guttering comes in a variety of materials and styles, and this wide range of choices can help you decide not on the best type of guttering there is, but on the best type of guttering for your home.

As stated above, guttering comes in a variety of materials. Here are some of them.

Aluminium guttering

Compared to other guttering materials, aluminium guttering is typically lighter and easier to assemble and work with. Paint, as long as it is properly prepared, adheres well to aluminium guttering. It is also rust-proof. However, aluminium guttering can lack strength compared to other types of materials.

Stainless steel guttering

Obviously, gutters that are made of steel are strong. They don’t rust and have no problem maintaining their shiny appearance. The only drawback is that stainless steel guttering is actually one of the most expensive guttering material available in the market. However, if you have room to spare in your budget, stainless steel guttering is perfect for you.

Vinyl guttering

At the other end of the price spectrum is vinyl guttering. Cheap and easy to install, vinyl guttering is often the choice of home owners who go down the DIY route when it comes to installing or replacing their gutters. Vinyl guttering can last for a long time especially in a temperate climate, but it does eventually becomes degraded and brittle as time goes by, particularly in hotter climates. Another drawback to vinyl guttering is that it does not take paint well compared to other guttering materials.

Galvanised steel guttering

Gutters made of galvanised steel are so much stronger compared to gutters made out of aluminium. However, galvanized steel gutters are not rust-proof, and need to be regularly maintained so they wouldn’t require repair or replacement sooner than expected.

Copper guttering

Copper guttering is the strongest and longest lasting of all the guttering materials in the market. It also happens to be the most expensive. Many home owners would actually prefer copper guttering because it really looks great on any house, but the price tag often stops them from proceeding.

Gutter profiles to choose from

Aside from material, there are also different guttering profiles to choose from. There’s quad guttering, which has a flat base and sides, and is often recommended for areas that have heavy rainfall. Another guttering profile is half round guttering, which has a curved profile designed to prevent debris from accumulating in the gutter. Then there’s the “smooth line” guttering system, which has one flat edge for mounting against fascia.

So if you want to replace your gutters, which type of gutter do you think is the best for you? Of course you have your personal preferences particularly when it comes to the type of guttering material, but it is still best to defer this question to a gutter installer or supplier. Because of their experience, they would be in the best position to recommend the best type of gutter for your home based on the climate and surrounding conditions.

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