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Why You Need to Focus on Customer Trust

Customers need to know they can trust you

In business, trust is not just helpful, rather it’s essential. Without trust, customers have no basis to believe that your quality of work, price quotes, and deadlines are what you say they are.

For the majority of people, they want to be straightforward when planning, executing and completing a project with a tradie – whether it’s a small plumbing maintenance job or a complete new home build. 

When good trust is established, your customers will be more responsive, and referrals will also increase.

Tradie-customer trust is simply powerful!

Below are some ways to establish customer trust in your trade business.

Deliver on the expectations you set from day 1

This will help your customers take your word for keeps for the duration of the project.

With time and experience, you’ll know best what you can deliver and what you can’t.

Ensure your customers are comfortable with your work methods and your plans.

Once your expectations are practical and realistic, it will save you and the customer time and trouble when unexpected problems come up.

Never leave your customers in the dark

Regular communication is important. This makes customers feel that you are committed to ensuring they have a great experience with your business. And better still, customers will surprisingly be more understanding of a situation should there be issues along the way.

You need to be communicating on:

  • Work scope
  • Timelines
  • Problems that occur
  • Unexpected issues and costs changes
  • Your team members and what each person is doing 

Aim to WOW your customers

Let’s face it, how will you feel if someone you were paying good money kept treating you as though you were less important? A customer who experiences negligence in their discussion with you will speedily lose their sense of confidence and trust in your concern for them.

Lastly, building a customers’ good faith in your character and work takes experience, time, and effort. A combination of quality job, open communication, and fulfilled expectations or deadline may be more work in the short term. Long term, however, the benefits to your business in terms of reputational value and repeat customers can only be priceless.

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