Electrician Northern Beaches – Ceiling Fan Installation

Electrician Northern Beaches: Do you need an electrician?

Due to the delicate nature of electricity related to ceiling fan installation, an electrician should be hired to do the job. As a matter of fact, not only is it safer, when electrical wiring is concerned, electrician Northern Beaches services are necessary. According to the NSW Fair Trading website, electrical wiring must be done only by a licensed electrician.  

Electrician Northern Beaches: How are ceiling fans beneficial?

It gets beyond hot in the summer months in Australia. Your air conditioner will work itself to death if you allow it. Even energy efficient units run almost constantly in the heat of the summer resulting in driving up your electrical expenses. That’s another thing you must keep your eye on in Sydney. How does this relate to ceiling fans? One of the benefits of installing ceiling fans is its ability to reduce the temperature in your house. Here are more benefits.

  • Aesthetically appealing – Ceiling fans look better than conventional electric fans you have to drag out, plug in, and turn on and off.
  • Space-saving – Unlike conventional electric fans, ceiling fans don’t take up valuable floor space.
  • Compatible with lighting fixtures – Most ceiling fans are compatible with your existing lighting fixtures.
  • Cooler rooms – Ceiling fans aid in lowering the temperature by four degrees Celsius compared to no moving air in a given room.
  • Lower electrical bill – Ceiling fans lower the temperature in a room so your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard, resulting in less energy consumption and a lower electrical bill.

Electrician Northern Beaches: Things to consider when selecting a ceiling fan

Once you decide to have a ceiling fan installed in your house, you must choose one you like. These fans can be simple to luxurious in function and price. It’s up to you and your budget how fancy you want to get with your fans.  Here is a quick guide to the costs:

  • Powder coated – The least expensive of all types of ceiling fans are those with powder coated metal blades. These are good enough for general use, but they aren’t particularly attractive.
  • Decorative fans – Decorative ceiling fans are the most attractive and range in price from moderate to high depending on your personal preferences. Most are well within the affordable range for the average income earner. Fans with lighting fixtures built in, are more expensive, but are also quite popular.
  • Stainless steel – Fans with stainless steel blades are ideal in areas where salty air tends to corrode the cheap blades. These are worth investing for those in the Northern Beaches Sydney area.
  • Timber blades – Ceiling fans with timber blades are one of the most expensive types, but they are quite attractive. They are also quieter when in operation and are ideal for the bedroom so as not to disturb your sleep.

Keep cost in mind when selecting your ceiling fans, and a good electrician can help you work out the best options for your.

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