3 Ways To Not Get Ripped Off By Tradies

It’s all about playing it safe!

Unfortunately, thousands of Aussies get ripped off by dodgy tradies annually. But the honest truth? It really does not need to happen.

Because if you do good upfront research, it really should not happen.

There is a great pool of excellent reputable tradies out there. I hope you agree with me when I say, these are the businesses we should all be supporting!

So how do you find them?

  1. Go for a solid recommendation

Finding tradies from trusted sources is super important!

It may be your local store, family, friends, neighbours and hey yes, even reputable word-of-mouth online networks like Tradebusters and Tradebusters Connect that fully vet and interview each business.

Find out about their experience and how they rated in terms of quality of work and prices.

I always love to hear about tradies that go the “extra mile”…clean up after themselves, show up on time and display a sense of respect for your property.

  1. Only pay the minimum deposit

And better still, only deal with a tradie that wants you to pay the minimum deposit.

If a tradie is asking for cash upfront or 50% of the job before he/she even starts…not a good sign guys!

For larger jobs, it makes sense to pay in installments at specific stages of the project.

  1. Ask for licenses and insurances

Licence requirements do vary by state so it’s important you check if a license is required for the type of job being carried out (and based on its value).

As for insurances….any reputable business operator will always have the right insurances in place, especially public liability insurance.

And a word of warning, if a tradie tells you, “don’t worry I am using my friend’s licence” or “You don’t rea-lly need insurances”…that’s the signal to show them the door and not your wallet!

Got home repairs and renovations planned?…who do you call?

The Tradebusters free tradie concierge service will help you from start to end. The team will connect you with their recommended pick of trusted tradesmen like builders, painters, electricians, plumbers, bathroom and kitchen specialists and more.

To get started, you can tell us about your job right here or call 1800 TBUSTERS (828 783).

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