Why Ventilation Exhaust Fans Are So Important

why ventilation exhaust fans are so importantMore often than not, we home owners don’t really give much thought about those ubiquitous little fans that spin somewhere near the top of our walls or on our ceilings. They are, however, extremely important not only for the home itself, but also for the health of the people who live there.

Here are some reasons why ventilation exhaust fans are so important, and should be treated as such.

1. Ventilation exhaust fans improve indoor air quality

The air inside our homes gets dirtier with each passing minute. It gets even dirtier still when there are no spinning ventilation exhaust fans inside the house. All that dirty and stale air will ever do in the absence of ventilation exhaust fans is keep on circulating all throughout your home and into our respiratory systems. However, with ventilation exhaust fans, all that dirty or stale air is, as the name implies, exhausted from your home to the outside, and improve indoor air quality. Keep those ventilation exhaust fans spinning regularly, and you will keep the air that you breathe inside your home as fresh as possible.

2. Ventilation exhaust fans help control mould

Mould inside your home builds up when there is so much steam and moisture in the air. With such humidity in your indoor air, the fungus is provided a perfect environment for healthy growth. Humidity is healthy to the fungus, but unhealthy to the house itself and the people who live in it. Mould damages parts of the house that it grows on, and could also aggravate several health problems including allergies and asthma.

With ventilation exhaust fans, you can get all that humid air out of the house, essentially depriving mould a perfect place to grow.

3. Ventilation exhaust fans help protect your furniture

Indoor air that is not ventilated properly can cause considerable damage to your furniture and other belongings. It is not uncommon for wooden furniture to warp because of the changes in humidity inside the house. Air will circulate much better and keep humidity at a constant level when ventilation exhaust fans are spinning on a regular basis.

4. Ventilation exhaust fans are important to your health

It goes without saying that poor ventilation inside our homes can give rise to or aggravate a number of health concerns. Asthma, for instance, is one of those health conditions that can be made worse by improper ventilation in your home. Allergies can be triggered or worsened by degraded indoor air quality. To keep everyone in your household healthy, you need to improve indoor air quality, which ventilation exhaust fans can readily do.

5. Ventilation exhaust fans remove pollutants in the air

Daily household activities such as smoking, cooking, bathing, renovating and burning fuel can release harmful stuff such as gases, pesticides, smoke, asbestos, lead, grease, paint fumes, dust mites and other pollutants in the air. Things will even be worse when you keep pets indoors. Pet dander gets easily mixed into the indoor air and cause allergies. Ventilation exhaust fans can help get rid of all these pollutants and improve indoor air quality in the process.

We hope that after reading this piece, you will finally appreciate what ventilation exhaust fans have been doing for you. In case you don’t have any such fans installed just yet, call us and we’ll help you find not only the best types of ventilation exhaust fans out there, but also suitable tradespeople to install them for you.

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