Home Renovations Sydney: 5 Renovations that Add Value

Your Home Renovation Is An Investment

Any renovation should (if not, must) add incremental value to your property!  After all it could be one of the most significant financial commitments you make.

Below are 5 areas where home renovations can help add value.
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5 Home Renovations to Consider in the Booming Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Latest report shows now is a good time for a home renovation in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?

Recently an article in Domain reported that local buyers are most interested in homes under $2 million in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs area. This has opened the market to savvy sellers and buyers to add value to a property by renovating. Low interest rates have also created more interest in this booming area.

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Tips for Home Renovations in the Booming Sydney Eastern Suburbs

What makes the eastern suburbs so prime for home renovations Sydney projects?

The eastern suburbs and the city of Sydney are prestigious areas with prime quality real estate. In 2014 this area seemed to lag behind some of the other regions, mostly due to buyers looking at more affordable housing. However, the growth in this area over the past year has provided a good showing for homes under $2 million. This is one of the factors that make the city and eastern suburbs good areas for a Sydney home renovation project. Read more

Choosing Builders Sydney to Meet the Housing Demand

Builders Sydney – Good News and Bad News

The good news about Sydney is that the real estate market growth is expected to continue over the course of this year.  What’s the bad news? The bad news is that there are not enough builders in Sydney to carry the load. Read more

Why More Sydney Homeowners are Choosing To Renovate

Survey Shows More Homeowners Plan to Renovate

Last month we were really pleased when Brendan Wong, a real estate reporter for, asked if he could interview one of our service users about her renovation experience.  It turned into an insightful editorial piece (with the lovely Melissa Donohoe and family even making the front cover of the real estate section of the Daily Telegaph).  So we would like to share with you the key points the article covered with a trend towards more homeowners choosing to renovate their existing homes instead of selling and upgrading to a new home.  Read more

HIA Report Reveals Renovations On The Increase for 2015

Home Renovations: The Outlook is Positive

If you are considering a renovation for your home in Sydney  or anywhere in Australia this year, you are not alone. Even though the current economy is weak and unstable, more Australians are planning on renovating in 2015. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Residential Construction Outlook Report, the forecast for renovations in Australia is to expect growth in the range of about $26.98 billion, which is 1.3 percent higher than last year. In light of rising unemployment, reduced household income, and the lack of confidence in economic growth nationwide, the activity of building renovations is like a bright beacon in the midst of it all. Read more

Builders Sydney – Are You Ready for a Home Extension?

Builders Sydney: What to expect from a reliable builder

Regardless of what building project you are planning, it’s vital to your own protection to know what to expect from quality, local builders in Sydney. The following will describe what you should research related to professional Sydney builders. Read more

Apartment Renovation in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and Bondi – Tips to a Successful Renovation!

Apartment Renovation in Sydney Eastern Suburbs and Bondi – Knowing what services you need

Apartment renovations require a variety of tradesmen to complete. Local builders in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs may cover all the services you need, but other tradies that either work with the builder you select or that you choose yourself can be hired to help with the different jobs involved with your specific renovation.  A successful apartment renovation begins with knowing what professional services and tradies you need for the project.

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Home Renovation in Sydney Hills District and Castle Hill – Tips to a Successful Renovation – A Guide for Planning Your Project

Home Renovation in Sydney Hills District and Castle Hill – The importance of being prepared

It’s wise to be prepared for a home renovation in Sydney. Simple common sense should tell you that preparation is your best solution for ensuring a successful home renovation project. We can all use handy tips to a successful renovation  to guide us through the process. No one should have to plan, design, and implement any home renovation project on their own. The following information will provide you with a guide that will take you from the phases of home renovation planning to implementation. Read more

Bathroom Renovations Sydney – Trends in Small Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations Sydney: Designing your perfect bathroom space

The bathroom is more than just a space to get clean and refreshed as needed. Today’s homeowners want an oasis, or a spa experience in their bathrooms. The goal is to create the bathroom environment that suits your personality and your needs. When you want a functional and appealing bathroom space, bathroom renovation specialists in Sydney can help. The following will discuss some of the current trends in small bathroom designs. Read more