House Extensions Sydney – Five Projects for Home Renovation

House Extensions Sydney: Home extensions at a glance

Homeowners sometimes decide they need more space for their children or their belongings. That’s where house extensions Sydney builders can help. Instead of buying a whole new house, home renovation is the most economical and convenient solution.

A house extension can be financed or paid for in full if you have saved the money, or have it in your current budget. Regardless of whether you need to finance or not, you should know what kinds of house extensions Sydney projects are available to you. Read more

Using Bathroom Renovations to Create Your Perfect Space

What makes the perfect bathroom space?

Not everyone agrees on what makes the perfect bathroom. That’s because everyone is different and has different ideas about bathroom designs. When it comes to bathroom renovations, every homeowner should have an idea of what they want before they talk to a builder or bathroom renovator about their project. Read more

Plumber Inner West – When Do You Need One?

Plumbing, electricity, and heat: three necessities, not three options! So at what point do you have to enlist the best plumber Sydney Inner West has to offer, and at what point can you take corrective measures and solve your own plumbing dilemma? Let’s cover the latter first. It is actually illegal to do any work to plumbing on your own. Only a professional, licensed plumber can do that. Read more

Boost Apartment Value With A Second Bathroom

boost home value with a second bathroomHere’s a bit of great news for home owners who are renovating to sell. According to a report on Smart Property Investment, you can boost apartment value with a second bathroom, and by a significant amount at that.

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Six Questions To Ask A Good Bathroom Renovator

good bathroom renovatorA bathroom renovation is perhaps one of the more complex renovation projects a home owner can undertake. Some home owners, however, take the “undertake” part of that statement a bit too seriously, and take on the project in DIY fashion.

The reason why a bathroom is complex to renovate is because it involves multiple operations that need to be carefully sequenced. Aside from a plumber to take care of the water pipes, drains, showers, toilet and other fixtures, a bathroom renovation is also going to entail the services of a good electrician, a waterproofer and an expert tile setter, among others. For this reason, your best option when it comes to a bathroom renovation is to find a good experienced bathroom renovator for the project. A good expert bathroom renovator can also deliver a higher quality job and help raise the value of your property significantly. However, before hiring one, you have to ask some key questions upfront to make the best selection. Here are some of those questions.

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Finding a Location For Your Bathroom Fan

installing a bathroom fanAs far as the overall maintenance of your bathroom is concerned, proper ventilation is one very important element. By installing a bathroom fan for proper ventilation, you are in effect taking away the stale odours that mark a bathroom that isn’t ventilated well. You can also say goodbye to mildew and mould buildup, both of which could cause problems not only to your home but also your health.

Installing a bathroom fan, however, is not as simple as it sounds. If you thought you can just stick that bathroom fan you bought from the neighbourhood store anywhere inside your bathroom, you are quite mistaken. Picking a location for your bathroom fan can take some time and effort. To get you started on finding a location for your bathroom fan, here are some things you would want to keep in mind.

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Bathroom Renovations- How do I reduce the cost?

reduce the cost of bathroom renovationA bathroom renovation is one of the best things you can do to add substantial value to your home. However, a complete bathroom renovation can get real expensive, costing up to tens of thousands of dollars. Budget-conscious home owners would naturally want to keep costs down, but still have the bathroom that they have always wanted.

Fortunately for home owners, there are a number of ways that they can reduce the cost of bathroom renovation without compromising on the quality of materials or the workmanship. Here are some of them.

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6 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

bathroom remodelRenovating a bathroom is perhaps one of the most exciting and at the same time, most stressful renovation projects a home owner can undertake. While you will be finally getting the bathroom that you’ve always wanted, there’s an off-chance that there will be bathroom design mistakes that will stop that from coming true, at least within the budget you’ve prepared.

Committing bathroom design mistakes, unfortunately, is common among home owners. There are far too many tales of woe about renovating a bathroom, mainly related to going over-budget and still ending up with a bathroom they’re not happy with.

When renovation a bathroom (or any kind of renovation in your home for that matter), you have to make sure to not exceed your budget and maximise the return on your investment. More than anything else, you need to make sure that your get the right bathroom design for your lifestyle. Here are some common bathroom design mistakes you need to avoid to do just that.

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Why Choose a Fiber Glass Shower Base When Renovating

benefits of fiber glass shower basesToday’s article comes from Tim, one of our terrific Sydney bathroom renovators in the Tradebusters network and is all about the benefits of fiber glass as your material of choice for your shower base.

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