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Questions You Need to Ask Tradesmen in Australia

Tips in finding good tradesmen

Whether you are planning to renovate your home or you need plumbing work done, it is essential that you find good tradesmen. Someone with a solid experience in their field and is a true expert at what they do.

Hiring tradesmen is similar to hiring an employee. You need to do a background check and conduct an interview. It may sound daunting but this will mean the difference between an amazing experience and a not so good one.

To assist you in finding good tradesmen in your Australian, here is a list if questions that you should be asking.

1. Do you have a license to practice?

The first question that you need to ask is a proof of license. Tradesmen in Australia are required to have a license to practice their craft. This will ensure that they went through the government checks and that you won’t be dealing with con men.

2. Can you share your recent work?

Checking the previous work of any tradesmen that you will hire is essential. This will give you an insight about their workmanship, work ethics and overall professionalism. Talk to past clients and get an honest feedback.

3. Do you have insurance coverage?

Insurance is a must have for any business, but especially important for builders. This protects you, your neighbours or anyone on your property should any untoward incidents occur, should the builder be at fault. If a builder plans to sub-contact any part of the project works, you should confirm if his insurance covers subcontractors or if they have their own.

4. Do you have regular customers?

Having regular customers is a sign that your tradesmen is good at what they do. If you are happy wouldn’t you use their services again and again?

5. Can I get your guarantees in writing?

There’s nothing like a written, signed and legally binding guarantee that the tradie will deliver on what was agreed upon. With such a document, you will be able to use it to pursue the tradie should he or she fail to deliver on what was promised.

6. Do you have experience with what I require?

Every job is different, an expert may have years of experience but if they have never done the specific job that you are asking then it is probably not a good idea to hire him or her. Be sure to discuss the specifics of the job and ask if they have done it or something similar with it.

7. Do you offer warranty?

Your tradesmen should offer some form of warranty free of charge. They need to come back and fix any issues that may occur after the job has been finished.

8. How long will the job take?

Good tradesmen should be able to provide you with an estimate on how long the job will take. This is an indicator that they have a plan in mind on how to do it and not just go on the fly.

9. Can you give a quote?

Finally, you need to ask for a quote. Good trademens should be able to estimate the material and labour cost of the job. Again, this just shows their experience in the field and a good indicator if they have really done the work you need before.

These are just some of the questions you need to consider when trying to find good tradesmen in Australia. To make sure that you are hiring someone that is legitimate and will be able to answer any of your questions to your satisfaction, call us at Tradebusters. Our team can connect you with skilled and recommended tradies for all your home improvement needs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else in Australia.

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