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Trading Terms and Conditions: Services and Documentation

Trading terms and conditions: Clear and concise terms and conditions are important to your business

Your potential clients need to understand what is expected of them when they choose you as their professional tradesman. How do you help them to understand the concept of payment for your services and use of your business website? You hire professionals to help you create your trading terms and conditions documentation. Without clear documentation and information, clients and potential clients can take advantage of you, which will hurt your income as well as your business credibility. Read more

What is the Most Popular Insurance for Tradies?

Tradie Insurance Packages

There are a lot of insurance companies out there and some specialise in trades insurance packages. The reality is you will need insurance for your business from the onset, however you will need to sift through the packages and find one which suits your business and your needs. Insurance is here to protect you so you are not caught out without the right cover in place. To make life easier for you, we’ve outlined some of the most common insurances that tradies need below.

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Essential Safety Gear for Every Tradie

Tradie Safety Comes First

If you’re a tradesmen running your own business, there is a lot of equipment you need to operate a safe and effective business every day and get your job done without risk to yourself or to others.
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Top Five Reasons To Get Public Liability Insurance before Stepping On Site

Why Public Liability Insurance is Important

Tradies and contractors would all agree that working on site can be hazardous at times – there’s always a lot going on and sometimes things do go wrong. Of course you need to insure yourself and your employees but if anyone else comes to harm as a result of the day-to-day running of your business, public liability insurance protects you, your business and your personal assets.

No one likes to think about the worse case scenario but public liability insurance gives you peace of mind, and for some tradies it’s a mandatory requirement. If you’re not sure, we’ve put together our top five reasons why you should get public liability insurance before stepping on site:
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Public Liability Insurance for tradies across Australia

The peace of mind insurance for tradies

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for tradies and is one of the most widely used forms of insurance in the industry. It protects tradies against property damage or personal injury that has occurred as a result of their actions at work. If you’re found financially liable for damages, you could find yourself in a situation where you’re required to pay huge amounts of money to cover any costs.

Even if you’re very careful, the unexpected can happen and Public Liability Insurance gives you peace of mind that you’ll be protected.

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The 2015 Home Building Changes and Builders Insurance

What’s changed and how will it affect your business?

If you are a builder or tradesperson in NSW, the recent changes in the home building laws may impact your compliance obligations as a business operator. These include licence requirements, insurance coverage and even the contract terms and conditions you use each day in your business with clients.

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Personal Accident Insurance for Electricians

Insurance for Electricians – Cover yourself against accidents

Electricians work in a risky area where unfortunately, accidents can happen.  Electricians work with electric wires, transformers, power transmitters and other electrical items which can carry a large degree of risk.  If you work as an electrician, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved with your work and make sure you’re properly covered by an appropriate insurance package.
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Electricians: A Guide to Public Liability

The quick guide to public liability insurance for electricians

For electricians, Public Liability Insurance is absolutely essential due to the high risk nature of the work they undertake.  Public Liability Insurance protects you against any damage done to property or another person in the course of your work.  If you work as an electrician and inadvertently cause any damage, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re financially liable.
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Insurance for Carpenters

Insurance needed for carpenters and tradies

If you’re a carpenter, there are a few insurance options for you to consider.  Working as a tradie carries some risks and, no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong.  Whether you run your own carpentry business with a number of employees, do regular work as a subcontractor or are self-employed in your own small business, you need to consider having a proper insurance package in place for peace of mind.
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Income Protection Insurance for Tradies- Are You at Risk?

Most tradesmen and builders fully appreciate the importance of taking care of their tools and equipment, but many forget to take care of their best asset – themselves. Tradies can benefit from a number of different types of tradies insurance, but one of the most important is income protection. It is not only a sensible idea, but in many places, income insurance for tradies is mandatory. Read more