Landscapers Northern Beaches – Top 10 Landscaping Trends You’ll Love

Landscapers Northern Beaches: Why landscape your property?

The inside of your home isn’t the only space that should be appealing. Your outdoors areas should also reflect an aesthetic and appealing environment. Landscapers in Sydney’s Northern Beaches are the professionals that can make that happen. Whatever you want that can be done is within your reach when it comes to your home landscaping projects.

Landscapers Northern Beaches: Reflecting your style

Many homeowners desire to have an outdoor atmosphere that suits their lifestyle and their personal tastes. The idea of landscaping your property is to design and build what you consider to be the perfect outdoor space. The good news is that reliable local landscapers will be there for you to help you through the design process, offer you advice, make suggestions, and implement the creation of your ideal outdoor space.

A good landscapers in the Northern Beaches with work with you throughout the process. Before any construction or building begins, these highly trained professionals show you what it will look like. Some may even use special software and 3D imagery. You won’t have to wonder what your outdoor spaces will look like with today’s advanced technology so readily available.

Landscapers Northern Beaches: Ten top landscaping trends you’ll love in your backyard

  1. Enchanted entryways – Let your whimsical side take control when you are choosing an entrance to a garden or to your front door. Imagine a natural arched lattice covered in beautiful green foliage leading the way to your garden or front door. You can even add fairy lights for an enchanted night pathway.
  2. Natural rock water features – Water features are one of the top most popular landscaping features for Sydney homeowners. The tranquility of the sound of water rolling off natural rock formations is wildly appealing. Add beautiful flowers, foliage, and ambient lighting and you can create a backyard oasis.
  3. Perfect patios – If a patio is on your list of things you desire to have for your property, the perfect patio you can have when you hire recommended landscapers in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Even a small home and property can benefit from a nice patio where you can enjoy your early morning coffee or bask in the serenity of a Northern Beaches sunset (or beaches if you are lucky!).
  4. Swimming pools – According to some of the landscapers in Sydney’s Northern Beaches  we spoke with, swimming pools are still very popular among homeowners in this local area. If you have the space for a pool, it’s a good investment for your enjoyment now and if you decide to sell your home later.
  5. Concrete pavement – If you are interested in saving water and on your water bill, concrete pavement solutions make a good investment. Not only does is save water, it also reduces your lawn maintenance, which is especially appealing to busy and elderly homeowners. This kind of landscaping idea is capable of creating unique patterns and walkways as well as enhancing the beauty of your home.
  6. Extended Indoor- Outdoor living –  Certainly a continued trend. A nice covered deck with beautiful outdoor furniture and even a mini-kitchen could have you spending most of your time enjoying this extended living space.
  7. Levels of levels –If you like the idea of using levels to break up a large outdoor space, this can be done by the professionals.  Some of the features used to create levels within your yard include steps, retaining walls, sloped areas, and water features.
  8. Very vertical gardens –A concept that has become popular in recent years is the vertical garden. Instead of the traditional ground garden, you can enjoy the vegetables and herbs you grow from a vertical standpoint. Vertical walls make these gardens happen.  This landscaping idea is also great for home energy efficiency and for creating a softening effect to your home.
  9. Dedicated decks – A deck can be constructed of timber or composite materials depending on your budget and your personal tastes. A deck can be left uncovered or be partially covered according to your specifications. Much like a patio, a deck allows you to enjoy nature, but offers a more open feel to the space as opposed to an enclosed space.
  10.  Perky pathways – Do you wish you had paths that lead to various areas of your outdoor space? Maybe you have a garden, a pool, and a deck that are separate and you want to somehow connect them. You can do that with concrete and/or pebble pathway designs.

Landscapers Northern Beaches: Choosing a landscaper

No matter what you want to do with your backyard or other outdoor spaces, a reliable, local landscaper is essential to getting it done right. Northern Beaches landscapers with the proper credentials like licensing, insurance, knowledge, experience, and training can make all the difference in how well your landscaping project goes. Just a note, as some landscaping works are considered “structural” in nature, the landscaper may even need an additional license for this as well as home warranty insurance (depending on the job value) so do make sure you check this out.

If you want to find a landscaper in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, why not let our free Tradebusters tradesmen concierge assist you. Our team will speak to you directly about your needs and help arrange the best fit landscaper for your project from our tried and tested network. You can tell us about your landscaper job here and we will contact you back shortly.

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