My First Home Renovation Tips

3 Tips To Make Your Renovation Successful

A home renovation can be extremely stressful and costly, especially if you have never renovated before.

We have come up with a rundown of tips on how to manage your first renovation.

3 tips to a successful first renovation

  1. Focus on smaller projects

Unless you really need to overhaul the entire house out of necessity, why not keep it small and renovate room by room?

  • Does your kitchen need an upgrade?
  • Do you need a bigger bedroom or a more spacious bathroom?
  • Would simply painting some rooms make all the difference you need?

In this way, your project becomes more manageable and you can also control your budget better.

Talk to a builder, architect or interior designer about the layout and improvements to focus on.

Bottom line is, start small, think of your essential must-haves and stick to the budget.

  1. Be functional and stick to budget

Whilst it can be easy enough to get carried away with a renovation, you could end up blowing your budget big-time in the process especially when it comes to the more discretionary spending areas like quality of finishes.

Ask yourself –  Do I really need that $20,000 granite kitchen benchtop or will the $7,000 one still give my kitchen that new edgy look?

Aesthetics are certainly important, but functionality (and budget) should come first.

Minor additions like a new cabinet for extra space or a wider benchtop can enhance the functionality of your space without punching a hole on your pocket.

  1. Check around your neighborhood

A good way to understand what renovation projects could be relevant is to check your surrounding location and see how other locals are renovating.

Pop in and have a look at recently completed jobs!

Your neighbours may also be able to tell you what is “hot” in the local area at the present moment. This may give you a great inspiration for your own project and could be extremely profitable if you are planning on selling your house some time after completing your renovation.

Looking for local tradesmen and builders?

Why not contact our free tradesmen concierge service and see how we can help make your renovation a success.

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