Top 7 Backyard Improvement Ideas

Looking for a backyard transformation?

Do you want your backyard to feature an unattractive slab of concrete baking in the sun, or would you rather a cool and inviting area promising an afternoon of peace, icy cold drinks, and a cool summer breeze?

Your backyard doesn’t have to be somewhere just for hanging the clothes out. A little clever home improvement in the backyard space can go a long way to adding peace and tranquillity to your home life.

You just need to be inspired to make some backyard improvements. Here are some top ideas. 

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Sydney Builder Contracts – What Does NSW Fair Trading Say?

Don’t get caught out with a Sydney builder!  

Picking the right Sydney builder for your home or renovation is perhaps one of the most important decisions you need to make.

Getting it wrong can be costly and extremely heart breaking.

One of the best ways to protect yourself with a builder is to ensure you have a solid contract in place.

Here’s what NSW Fair Trading has to say about builder contracts.

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Sydney Home Extensions: 5 Planning Tips

Sydney Home Extensions: 5 Planning Tips

Planning a home extension? Not sure where to start?

At Tradebusters, we have had years of helping Sydney homeowners renovate and improve their homes with success.

Below we explain some of the most important things to consider when planning your home extension.

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Horror Builder Stories You Need To Know About

Look for a builder. Read this first!

Are you planning on jumping into a relationship with a builder for your next home build or renovation?

Before you do that, have a read of these horror builder stories that we’ve come across that stress the importance of taking the time to find a good recommended builder.

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Don’t Risk a Dodgy Painter

Tips to Finding the Right Painter!

It’s  true. A professional painter will save you a lot of time and money because very simply the job is done right, first time around.

But with so many people calling themselves “professional painters”, how do you find the right one?

And how do you make sure you don’t get caught out by a dodgy painter?

Check out our latest tips.

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3 Ways To Not Get Ripped Off By Tradies

It’s all about playing it safe!

Unfortunately, thousands of Aussies get ripped off by dodgy tradies annually. But the honest truth? It really does not need to happen.

Because if you do good upfront research, it really should not happen.

There is a great pool of excellent reputable tradies out there. I hope you agree with me when I say, these are the businesses we should all be supporting!

So how do you find them?

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New Home Builders: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Planning on Building A New Home?

Finding a builder for a new home construction is very different from the type of builder you would need for a renovation or small home repair. By simply deciding to use anyone that calls themselves a “builder” you could be taking a huge risk.

Fortunately, we have come up with a list of top mistakes to avoid when looking for a builder for your new home build.
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How To Find And Choose the Right Interior Designer

Creating the Space of Your Dreams

A  great interior designer can transform the look, feel and value of your home. Whether you want timeless or trendy or cosy or modern, the secret is to find an interior designer that “gets you” and can be part of the journey of turning your vision into reality.

So how you do find a great interior designer and what questions should you ask?

Check out our latest tips!

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Home Renovations- Understanding The Contract

What to Look for In a Contract

Putting a contract (or agreement) in place for any home repair, renovation or home build job is very common practise. The reason for this is to protect you and the trade business when working together.

You obviously want to make sure you get the job done to an expected quality level and within a certain time frame. The trade business wants to ensure they get paid for their time, labour, costs and effort.

The contract should form a key part of the discussion with any tradie you are planning to use.

We list below some of things you want to ensure are covered in the contract.

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All About Your Home Worth in 2016: The Renovations That Add Value

Keeping Up With the Tides!

A new study suggests that many Australians believe that their homes are worth more than they were in the previous year. Although there were some ups thanks to the market concentration and booming markets, the end of 2015 signaled that growth is already cooling down.

Nonetheless, data from Slater and Gordon (via Domain) reveals that around 78% of Australians think their property values increased for the past year. In fact, the majority of Sydney respondents think that their property prices experienced considerable uptake – so as with Melbourne residents.

One of the best ways to increase your property worth is through a quality renovation. Below we outline some ways that you can do this.

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