Find A Good Tradie In Australia

find a good tradie in AustraliaIf you are a home owner in Australia, it always really handy to have a trusted tradie on call in case you need some home improvement works done. With all the travelling con men tradies that are reported in the media these days,  finding the right type of tradie for your home is even more important than ever.

If you’re a home owner who has yet to find a good tradie that you can trust, there are certain steps you have to take before you can actually land one. Here are some tips that we hope will help you find a good tradie in Australia.

Ask the right questions

The search for a tradie always begins with a meet and greet process. You have to meet and interview prospective tradies, not unlike an employer searching for the right employee to fit the bill. In these interviews, you have to ask the right questions to give you an idea how good they are at their given fields as well as how trustworthy they are.

When interviewing prospective tradies, don’t hesitate to ask about their work history and their credentials such as licences and insurance certificates. Good tradies will have no problem providing you this information. This is even truer when it comes to references. Ask a good tradie for references, and he would be more than glad to point you in the right direction. A good tradie knows that he does good work, and would be confident enough to give you the name or contact information of a previous client. He knows they will only have nice words for him and his work.

See examples of their work

Before you commit to engaging a particular tradie, ask him if there are some previous projects that he can show to you. This is more appropriate for larger projects, such as kitchens, bathrooms and home extensions. Don’t ask this if you’re replacing a door handle.

If you are able to see a past project, see if you can speak to the previous customer about it. Ask them how it went, if the project was on budget and time, and ask how the tradesperson handled any unexpected issues or questions that arose during the job.

Looking at previous work can give the tradie a way to shine while giving you the opportunity to see if his proposed quality meets reality.

Give the tradie a tour

What better way to give a prospective tradie an idea of what he’ll be working on than to give him a tour of your home and pointing out the task at hand? If he can see the project with his own eyes, he will be able to give you an estimate on the spot. Showing him the work that needs to be done also provides him a chance to ask you questions as well as to understand your expectations and needs for the project better.

Although these bits of advice can help you find a good tradie in Australia, it still largely is a hit and miss proposition. If you want to take a shortcut through the whole tradie-hunting process, simple give our Tradebusters team a call. Over the years, we has built a network of highly skilled and dependable tradies in most fields of trade. With just one call, we can help organise the whole home improvement project for you, with tradies that we absolutely know and trust.

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