Workers Compensation Insurance for Tradies!


I’m Fine… I have Workers Compensation Insurance!

This is something that I hear from tradies a lot. And to be honest, this used to be the case where you were covered travelling to and from work, and of course whilst you were at work.

But did you know that Workers Compensation rules have recently changed? The changes mean that you are no longer covered travelling to and from work, and are only covered whilst you are at work.

It also means that the maximum duration in which you can claim Workers Compensation payments is for 2 years. So what happens if your injury is so bad that you can’t work for more than two years… or worse, can’t go back to work ever?

What happens if you have an accident on your way to work?

Worse still, what happens if you have an accident on the weekend? or if you are on holidays?
The changes mean that it is highly likely that you have large gaps in what you are covered for and entitled to through Workers Compensation.

So what should a tradie do about it?

With these changes it is a really good idea to have a think about meeting with a financial planner – and find one that specialises in Workers Compensation and Insurances for tradies- it will make a big difference! The right financial planner will take the time with you to understand more about your trade business and make sure that you are properly covered.

A good financial planner will look at the worker’s compensation entitlements, understand what the gaps are, and help tradies put the right plans together in order to fill those gaps.

As a tradie, you should then have the confidence that if there is an accident on the weekend, if you are travelling to or from the job site… or even on an overseas holiday – that you (and your family) are well protected.