Are Australia’s Property Investors Wealthy Males?

An Insight Into Aussie Investors

There’s the misconception that many property investors only rely on their primary source of income when investing in Australia’s properties. That’s not really entirely true.

In truth, the dominant segment in Australia’s residential investment market is comprised of people who purchased their properties then transitioned to buying an investment property.

According to reports, the segment now makes up as much as 83 percent of the market.

According to ABC’s report: “Previous research shows that real estate investors tend to be married, wealthy males with high income and full-time employment.”

“A typical rental housing investor is a high-income earner or family partnership, owning one or two dwellings as an extra income source. The probability of becoming a residential investor tends to increase with age and homeowner status, but declines after the age of 65.”

Residential investors also reportedly have an average net monthly income of $8,600, or $103,200 a year. Data also revealed that these direct residential investors put their money primarily on existing properties.

Looking to add value to your property in Australia?

In case you want to be part of the trend and add value to your property, then there are many things to consider.

  1. You need to hire the right trade professionals like builders, designers, cabinet makers and even plumbers and electricians. This is a major step in ensuring the investment is as valuable as possible.
  2. Ask neighbours, family and friends for recommendations to local tradies and other property professionals.
  3. Look into trusted databases like Tradebusters Connect as tradies and other local property professionals that have been fully checked and vetted.

Planning to renovate or build? who do you call?

The Tradebusters free tradie concierge service can help you from start to end.

Our team has been using the same trusted tradesmen like builders, painters, electricians, plumbers, bathroom and kitchen specialists and more for many years meaning we can save you time, risk and money.

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