Home Renovations in Inner West Sydney

Beware the risks when renovating your Inner West Sydney home

Sydney’s inner west suburbs run the full gamut of lifestyle choices. Those who enjoy harbourside living, lovingly restored old-time pubs, picturesque streets, and the world’s best shopping will enjoy all that Balmain has to offer.

Those who like to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life but enjoy an easy escape then Annandale, at just 5 minutes from the CBD, is the perfect location. Leichardt is charming, and a favourite place for lovers of Italian food, excellent coffee, and wine and Newtown is well known for its nightlife, live music, comedy, and theatre. Read more

How Much Does A Sydney Kitchen Renovation Cost?

What would it cost for a kitchen renovation in Sydney?

Enquire from a kitchen designer, and they possibly would reply, “How much are you willing to devote?” Though it would be more politely said, they’ll also provide you some possibilities. A better inquiry would be: “What is your budget range for a kitchen renovation?” With this, you can have a kitchen renovation that not only fits but also matches your finances, too.

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How Can I Juggle My Home Renovation And Mortgage?

Managing the mortgage and home renovation

We all want great houses but beautiful and functional homes don’t always come cheap.

Often, it’s stressful just to think about buying a new house and renovating it.

However, it doesn’t always have to be hard. Here are some tips on how you can manage to afford a renovation on top of your mortgage.

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Home Design Trends Aussies Are Loving

Planning A Home Renovation? Get Wowed!

This year’s home trends are all about interior design and style.

Whether you have an apartment or a new home renovation planned, here are some of the top home design trends highlighted by Australian worth checking out!

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5 Kitchen Trends For Renovators

What’s Hot In The Kitchen For 2017!

Kitchen renovations are very popular with Aussies.

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Report Shows DIY Injuries on the Rise

Avoiding Danger When Renovating

Authorities are warning Australians about the risks of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects.

According to a report from ABC, the Princess Alexandra Hospital reportedly sees at least one power tool injury daily.

Injuries from DIY activities range from minor cuts to life-threatening situations.

As the situation seems to be worsening, there is a new research underway on understanding whether these disasters are just freak occurrences or whether something can be done to prevent them.

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Get the WOW Factor with Your Outdoor Renovation

Give Your Outdoor Space That Fabulous Makeover

Take your outdoor room from drab to fab with the right furnishings and touches.

The following home renovation tips will tell you which items to splurge on including which areas or spaces you can fix for that outdoor WOW factor.

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Should I Buy a “Renovators” Delight Property?

The Renovation Factors To Consider

It’s a big decision. Should you buy a newly renovated property or should you go the other extreme and buy a “renovators delight” that needs a lot of work?

Here are a few considerations!

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Value of Home Renovations On The Rise

Renovations Could Bring Great Rewards

The newest numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals that the value of capital city home renovations went down this September quarter.

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Sydney Homeowners Are Choosing To Renovate More

Why Renovating May Be A Better Option

Usually, when a homeowner outgrows their house, then the next decision is often to sell the property and move to a better or bigger one.

However, most homeowners in Sydney will find that the market is not as amenable to moving. It is an expensive decision that leaves most people with only one other option: to stay put and renovate.

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