Space-saving Ideas For A Small Apartment

space-saving ideas for a small apartmentIt’s tough living in a tiny apartment, especially when you’re the kind of person who is used to a lot more space at home. Then again, it may be an ideal option for you if you prefer the convenience and lifestyle appeal of living closer to the city and also saving some money as compared to living in a larger apartment.

Still, living in a tiny apartment doesn’t have to mean zero space. There are many space-saving ideas for a small apartment that you can use, and here are some of them.

Cut the clutter

When you’re living in a tiny apartment, it becomes even more imperative that you be organised, or you’ll be quite literally buried in clutter. So if you have stuff that you never ever use like old newspapers, magazines, shoes that badly need repair but you can’t seem to find time to have repaired or anything superfluous, better dispose of them. You can either throw them away or give them away, it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re out of your tiny place.

Buy multi-purpose furniture

Collapsible tables, couches with bookshelves built into the arm rests and ottomans with storage space inside are great for tiny apartments. So are beds with large storage drawers underneath, especially when you have a large collection of shoes, DVDs or books.

Make the space under your bed useful

If your bed is the kind that has a lot of space underneath it, use that space for storing shoes, books, blankets, workout gear or any of your stuff inside rollaway boxes that you can easily pull out and push back in.

Put up racks and hooks where you can hang objects from

For your kitchen essentials, hooks attached to the walls can help you save a lot of space. For your pots and pans, a rack attached from the ceiling will do. If you’d like houseplants, go for those that can be hung instead of potted ones that take up floor space. You would also do well to hang storage racks over doors for all kinds of stuff.

Buy free floating shelves

Your usual bookshelf can look a bit bulky, but free floating shelves are anything but. Free floating shelves can hold books, figurines, knick-knacks, and pretty much anything else just like a regular shelf, but without the bulk that makes your place seem even smaller.

Add storage to cabinets using tension rods

So your cabinet is already full, but you can still squeeze in a few more items inside with the help of a tension rod. Tension rods in utility cabinets are a good place to hang cleaning supplies like spray bottles and wash cloths. Put a tension rod inside your closet, and you’ll have more space for more clothes and light accessories.

Don’t buy too much stuff

When you live in an apartment that doesn’t have much in the way of storage space, it doesn’t make any sense to keep on buying stuff that will only make your storage issues worse. So while you still live in a tiny apartment, just keep your possessions to a minimum.

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