Trendy Pergolas for Your Sydney Backyard Design

Backyard Sydney Pergola Designs

Every homeowner has their own idea of what makes the perfect backyard décor. Some homeowners like fountains or other water features, while others prefer an oasis where they can sit and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset when they are at home. One type of structure that will provide a nice, relaxing outdoor environment involves having a Sydney pergola built to your specifications.

What is a pergola?

A pergola may also be referred to as an arbor used to provide an outdoor sitting area, passage into a garden or outdoor area, and/or a walkway that is shaded from the sun. All pergola structures feature an overhead design that gives you the option to grow climbing vines, greenery, and/or flowers on it.

Over the top lattice

Lattice across the top is a common pergola/arbor design used for backyard décor. The lattice work allows you to grow any kind of vine from grapes to green ivy on it. You can even mix things up and grow a variety of climbing plants and flowers to surround yourself with fragrant aromas and the beauty of nature. It is wise to ask Local Builders if lattice top designs will be best for your purposes.

Three popular pergola styles you can find in Sydney

1)    Classic wood

2)    Vinyl

3)    Aluminum

Classic wood pergolas

The classic look of the wooden pergola never goes out of style. This is a rustic, yet elegant way to spruce up your backyard space. The wood species you can choose from include teak, pine, redwood, and other types of quality wood species. The Best Builders will be able to give you details about the various types of wood used in pergola construction and the benefits of each species.

Vinyl pergolas

Busy homeowners who don’t want the extra work that a classic wood pergola may come with can select the vinyl style. Vinyl pergola designs are often less expensive than classic wood, and require little to no maintenance. These are also easier to install and they maintain their appearance for many years. The downside to the vinyl pergola structure is that it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appearance as wood.

Aluminum pergolas

The aluminum pergola structure is probably the least expensive of all the construction types. They are not as pretty, but they are functional if you just want an archway style structure that leads into your backyard or garden. They still add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard when you add plants and flowers to the structure.

And when you are ready to start your Pergola design in Sydney

If you are looking for a reliable builder, carpenter or other Sydney tradesmen for help with your pergola project, why not let the Tradebusters Free Tradesmen Concierge service assist. Our team will speak to you directly about your needs and help arrange the best fit trades professionalfor your project. You can contact us by phone or tell us about your Sydney Pergola here and a team member will contact you back shortly.


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