The Hidden Costs of Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom

renovating your kitchen or bathroomSo you’re about to begin renovating your kitchen or bathroom. After years of setting aside money for that purpose, you finally have this chance to get the kitchen or bathroom you want. The question is, how sure are you that your budget would be enough to cover the entire cost of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? The reason we pose this question is because unfortunately many new time renovators get caught out by unexpected cost surprises. meaning they go over budget when renovating  the kitchen or bathroom. In in many times, they only discover this part way through their kitchen or bathroom renovation project. Being prepared upfront and asking all the right questions before your start your project is critical to helping you avoid any costly surprises. Luckily we have some great and experienced bathroom and kitchen renovators in the Tradebusters network that have offered their list of considerations for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Relocating fixtures

When coming up with a design for renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you need to be able to see early on if it calls for the relocation of existing fixtures. Relocating fixtures will cost you more, and it is ultimately better to know about it before you get the project off the ground. If possible, go for a design where you won’t have to touch the fixtures already in place if you want to avoid this hidden cost of renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Of course, if you’re already prepared to have these fixtures relocated or even replaced just to get the kitchen or bathroom you want, then do it by all means.

Old pipes

When you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, always consider the possibility that the old pipes that are already in place will not be able to handle the additional water flow. That means you will have to re-pipe, which is one of the hidden costs of bathroom or kitchen renovation that most home-owners do not totally expect.

Get the budget right with the right help

As with any kind of renovation work, it is always smart to set aside some money in case your project goes over budget because of potential hidden costs of bathroom or kitchen renovations . Good upfront planning and design with either an experienced kitchen cabinet maker or bathroom renovator can help you prepare a solid budget to take your project forward with complete peace of mind. For designing a special  kitchen or bathroom, you may want to consider  the assistance of an experienced interior designer. We have some great ones in the Tradebusters network across Australia and have been completed amazed with the transformations they can help homeowners achieve with  just afew hours of expert design time. A great option to help turn your vision into reality and add substantial value to your newly renovated space.

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