Ways to Renovate on a Budget

Most home owners are under the impression that they need a huge budget just so they can get a renovation project underway. Truth be told, however, it is entirely possible to renovate on a budget. Here are some tips that can help you do just that.

A paint job will do

If your house is still structurally fine but you want it looking fresh, a paint job is a great idea for updating your home’s appearance. Painting the interior walls can make a huge difference in your home’s feel and look. As with most of the materials you’re going to need for any kind of renovation project, you can do your homework and search for retailers that offer paints at discounted prices, especially for those who order in bulk. With just a few gallons of paint, your home will look like it has benefitted from a major renovation.

Plan, and plan well

Let’s say you really want to tear down some walls to create space or add another floor to your home or make the kitchen look bigger and better. Before you actually dive into a renovation project, it is important that you plan it well.

We’re not just talking about you doing the planning by your lonesome. No offense to your own construction planning skills, but if the experience of many home owners who planned their own major renovations is any indication, you are better off hiring a professional to plan the renovation for you. Far too many home owners have fallen victim to their own poor planning, borne out of a lack of skill and experience in renovation. Architects and interior designers, on the other hand, are experts, which means their renovation planning skills are likely better than the average home owner. By hiring a professional to do your renovation planning, you will be able to save a lot of money in the end.

Prioritise the areas that actually need renovating

Assuming that you’re thinking about renovating the entire house, it would perhaps be easier on your budget to get work done only on parts of the house that need prompt work. What we’re saying is, there might be certain parts of the house that don’t really need to be renovated at this time.

The kitchen and the bathroom, for instance, tend to be the parts of the house that need to be updated because they are the most frequently used, which means they are subject to more wear and tear compared to other areas of the house. If you’re renovating the house on a budget, we suggest you focus all your resources on these areas first.

Reuse existing fixtures

Just because you’re renovating doesn’t mean you have to replace existing fixtures that are otherwise still perfectly functional. Cabinets, for instance, can still be refinished if they’re working just fine and the material still in tip-top condition. Instead of tearing down or throwing away things you already have, find ways to reuse or repurpose them. That ought to save you more than just a few dollars.

Buy your materials cheap

We’re not saying you should buy the cheapest items you can find for your budget renovation. That would be foolish, because materials that are dirt-cheap tend to be of poor quality as well. By buying your materials cheap, we mean you should do your homework and find high-quality lighting, water taps, shower heads and other fixtures and fittings at a bargain price. There are many discount shops that offer these items with lower than usual price tags, but you have to look hard for them, both in your neighbourhood and on the Internet. You can save thousands of dollars by being a bargain shopper, especially for construction materials.

Do a little mixing and matching

If you already have some pricey materials on hand which you have bought and collected over the years with a future renovation in mind, use them in your project, by all means. However, if those pricey fixtures are not enough to deck, say, your new kitchen, you can still save money by mixing and matching them with much cheaper off-the-shelf purchases. You are doing one of the cleverest and effective ways of saving money on a renovation by mixing and matching, say, a solid wood worktop with cheaper unit doors.

These are just some of the things you can do to renovate on a budget. Just follow these tips, and you won’t have to break the bank or get bury yourself in debt just so you can get your renovation project done. And if you need help finding professionals who can plan your renovation project or work on it, you need look no further than Tradebusters. The Tradebusters network boasts some of the most highly-recommended tradies in Australia, and you would do well to secure their services. Give Tradebusters a call, and you will be assured of a wonderfully done renovation on your home.

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