How Getting Online Can Double Your Business

Now Building a Brand Name is No Longer for the Big Guys!

Google and Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry previously joined forces to bring more small businesses online. Why? Kate Carnell, CEO of ACCI, says:

“The internet provides small businesses with the unprecedented ability to reach more customers and achieve greater efficiency in ways that until recently were only available to their larger competitors.” Read more

Branding Online: The Role of Social Media for Local Tradies in Australia

Why Social Media is Important for Tradies Today

Social media is a tipping point for most businesses especially in this growing digital age that we are all operating in. Whether you are a small local plumber or large scale builder, social media can play a big role in how you build your credibility with customers in order to increase conversions levels.  Perhaps out of the many professionals out there, this is extra crucial for tradies. Here are some insights on the use of social media for your trade business to better strengthen your brand as a trusted business choice.

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