Personal Accident Insurance for Electricians

Insurance for Electricians – Cover yourself against accidents

Electricians work in a risky area where unfortunately, accidents can happen.  Electricians work with electric wires, transformers, power transmitters and other electrical items which can carry a large degree of risk.  If you work as an electrician, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved with your work and make sure you’re properly covered by an appropriate insurance package.
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Tradesmen Tool Insurance – What is covered?

Why insurance for your tradie tools is vital.

For tradies, tool insurance is often one of the most important forms of insurance because of how often they use tools in their day to day work.  If your tools are lost, stolen or damaged, it can be very expensive to have them replaced.  But before you take out your tool insurance, it’s important to know what it covers so you can be sure it suits your situation.
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Tradies: Secrets To Building An Online Presence

Tradesmen in Sydney  and across Australia have many choices for marketing strategies to boost their online persona. Building an online presence is not just to make your business look more professional for current clients; it also helps build trust with potential clients. When working on your online presence, make sure you invest your time wisely – which is exactly why we recommended that you put together a strategy and timeline in order to produce the best results. Read more

Insurance for Carpenters

Insurance needed for carpenters and tradies

If you’re a carpenter, there are a few insurance options for you to consider.  Working as a tradie carries some risks and, no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong.  Whether you run your own carpentry business with a number of employees, do regular work as a subcontractor or are self-employed in your own small business, you need to consider having a proper insurance package in place for peace of mind.
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Public Liability Insurance For Builders in Western Australia

Builders Protection with Public Liability Insurance in WA

The number of building businesses in WA is growing and there is a need for businesses and individuals to protect themselves financially.  Public Liability Insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for a huge range of WA businesses, no matter how small.

Public Liability Insurance can safeguard your building business from the financial risk of being found liable for damages to person or property.  For some WA businesses, it may be mandatory to take out Public Liability Insurance.  Other businesses take it out to make sure they have peace of mind.
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Grow Your Trade Business – Leadership

Hi again this is Anil of Nexus BGS and today I would like to take you through what I call the “4 P’s of Leadership”

Now you’ve probably heard of the “4 P’s of Marketing” which is Product, Placement, Price and Promotion. What I came up with this morning just having a quick discussion with my daughter in the car, a leadership discussion, was the 4P’s of Leadership. I thought if marketing has “4 P’s”, why not leadership – it’s obviously an important topic.

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