Sydney Renovations: What Renovations Add the Most Value?

An excellent way to increase the value of your Sydney home is with a renovations

An excellent way to increase the value of your Sydney home is to add a renovation which improves it in some way. An extra room can turn a three-bedroom into a four-bedroom house to increase both its appeal to families and its value. Likewise, so will removing a carport to add a lock-up garage.

A renovated bathroom or kitchen can increase comfort and add some much-needed style. Ripping up the carpet to reveal beautiful hardwood floors is a popular strategy for many homeowners to bring natural warmth to a room.

Not all renovations will add value. If you aren’t careful, you could end up spending more than what you will be able to recoup if you plan to sell soon.

However, there are a lot of renovation ideas you can use to update your home while ensuring you have a good chance at making your money back when selling. We cover 3 valuable ones.

1. Adding a bedroom

If the area you are in is popular with families and you know that four and five-bedroom homes are in short supply, then adding an extra room or two onto your two or three-bedroom abode will create heaps of added value and appeal.

Of course, you will need to consult with a builder and possibly an architect to determine the project’s viability.

2. Updating the bathroom

If you have an old house, an ensuite will add an extra level of convenience for growing families with children who are soon to be teenagers. When it comes time to sell, being able to list the home as a two-bathroom home will create added appeal for families moving into the area.

Bathrooms can get old and tired looking, and a refresh can add some welcome sparkle to the home. You most likely know from buying a home yourself that people put a lot of stock in how the bathroom looks and functions. It’s one of the areas of a house where homeowners demand comfort and style. Understandable given that it’s a part of the home we must spend time in every day.

3. Outdoor living area

Sydney siders love being able to use their backyard for entertaining. An outdoor entertainment area is an excellent strategy for increasing the value, while also giving you more enjoyment of the property while you are there.

The outdoor area has evolved over the years, and for many families, it’s an all-weather living area extension of the home. Many buyers will be taken in by a well-designed outdoor area, and once they see it and imagine themselves using it, the sale becomes an easy sell.

Renovations are exciting but do involve a great deal of planning.

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