Getting on the Roof – What to Check, When to Do Roof Restoration

Time to Check Your Roof for Repairs & Roof Restoration

We don’t often think about our roof. Much of our time is allotted for interior problems. Seems like when disaster hits, the roof can attack without notice. There are things to inspect on a consistent basis, so grab your ladder. If roof restoration isn’t your gig, then grab a phone and dial up a recommended roofer in your area.

Climb Safely

The ladder needs to be on level, hard ground and secured. Extend your ladder at least 3 feet beyond the gutter rungs; it will need to be angled at least 1 foot back from the house for every 4 feet in eave height. Always practice good safety when using ladders. Make sure your ladder is in good condition to prevent accidents.

Look For Problems

Time to take a peek at those shingles: are they blistering or buckling? Look for loose material and any penetration or indentation in materials.  Also, check to see if there are excessive amounts of waste in your eaves and gutters. The added weight from this waste will become a problem later. Look for critters using the roof and gutters for passage or nesting as this can be an unhealthy issue which will have to be addressed.  Last, look for worn areas from ultra violet rays from the sun, as these areas can become weakened and fragile, letting moisture in.

Hire For Roof Restoration

If you discover problems you can head off now, find a roofer by checking for legitimate tradies with a permanent place of business, and a license. Always check references from previous customers. Talk to the roofing contractor about warranties and what kind of materials they use. Always consult your laws and regulations regarding insurance requirements. Beware of roofers who are considered ‘fly by night’ as they usually don’t have any required business documentation. Sometimes they don’t even carry a reliable crew or have acceptable access to good materials and tools.

If you need a reliable tradesman for your roof restoration, you can try one from our local Sydney business directory. The details of our pick of the top 3 local tradesmen in Sydney are listed and you can contact them directly today!

Remember, to avert any disaster and extend the life of your home by taking care of your roof. The value of your home relies on consistent care of proactive tasks. The roof restoration professionals are equipped to answer questions and help you solve any roofing problems. Trust in their expertise on matters of the home.

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