Research Shows More Tradies Are Struggling Online

Tradies! You Need To Stand Out Online!

It’s fierce competition out there for the average tradie in business. The competition is not just within your field of trade or local area anymore, but with everyone and everything being online, it’s the online competition most business owners are finding most challenging.

More small businesses on the market

Luisa Ryan, Director of the Business Register Unit at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) article, said that there were around 2.17 million actively trading businesses in Australia in June last year. This is a 2.4 percent increase from June 2015 thanks to more small businesses (units employing fewer than 20 people).

“Counts of businesses increased across all States and Territories from June 2015 to June 2016 with NSW seeing the largest growth in business counts at 3.0 per cent,” she said.

“The lowest growth in business counts was in Tasmania at 0.4 per cent, but this reverses a negative trend over the past few years.”

And more online competition

The growth of small businesses in Australia, now makes it more challenging for tradies in business to be found. Someone will most likely offer the same products and services you do, using the same online platforms.

In fact, a report from Web Alive claims that around 85% of Australians have internet access and the number continues to grow yearly at a rate of 1.7%. This means that most target markets of businesses are online and can be reached via the Internet.

Additionally, the report also claims that social media users in Australia is expected to reach 12.1 million this year.

The uptrend in both small businesses and online use now challenges tradie businesses to think of ways to stand out and compete online effectively.

Fortunately platforms like Tradebusters Connect are coming along to give Aussie tradies and small business owners that much needed online competitive edge. With only three exclusive spots by area and aimed at putting the spotlight on the most reliable and reputable of local business, it could be just what great tradies need to stay one step ahead.

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