Bathroom Renovations

Renovation Ideas for Super Small Bathrooms

When space is at a premium, every square inch counts. For an innovative small bathroom design, there’s no surface that can’t be turned into a functional space, or be used to create the impression of more space. From mirrored surfaces to frameless shower screens, there’s a solution to make even the tiniest bathroom feel like a day spa oasis.

Check out our pick of unique design options- each one is easy to do with just a little help from a qualified tradesperson.

1. Floating shelves
You don’t need to install a bulky bathroom cupboard to get the right amount of storage space. Standalone shelves are a chic, minimalist alternative and can be installed on just about any wall surface.

2. Task lighting
Separate lighting features illuminate amenities and create the impression of separate spaces, as opposed to one cramped space.

3. Glass splashbacks
A low maintenance way to change the colour scheme of your bathroom, no messy wall tiles required! Great choice for small bathroom renovations where time is of the essence.

4. Wide basins
Instead of a basin that projects into the bathroom space, choose a style that is deep enough yet fits with the lines of the room.

5. Light colours – with interest
Using lighter colours is a classic way to make a room look bigger, but the latest trend is to put a twist on the expected bathroom paint job- for example, choosing a soft dove grey over a standard cream or beige, and completing the colour scheme in unexpected places (such as lighting fixtures). A good option for when a full on renovation of the bathroom isn’t in the budget.

6. Iridescent tiles
We’re not talking a disco ball here, but subtly iridescent tiled surfaces can help to reflect and diffuse light around a room. Ask a tiler or visit a tile centre to see some samples.

7. Look up for storage space
If the room has a small floor area but high ceilings, the space above the door and above your usual reach can become great storage space for seldom used toiletries. Ideally, this should be limited to one or two walls to keep arrangement of objects even and avoid a ‘top heavy’ look.

8. Use a feature ‘strip’ instead of a picture or whole wall, to change the shape of the space
Multiple wall hangings can clutter up a wall, whilst entire feature walls are much to full on for a tiny bathroom. A feature strip, whether created with tiles or some other medium, can appear to stretch out the wall.

9. Over toilet storage
A popular choice for super compact bathrooms where the toilet becomes a feature. Over toilet storage units can save a lot of space and hide the toilet from immediate view, transforming the bathroom from a merely utilitarian space into something much more pleasant.

10. Frameless floor to ceiling shower panels
By minimising plastic or metal frames, the bathroom space is opened up to the back of the shower space, instead of being cut up with big panels or old fashioned shower curtains. An easy option for small bathroom renovations where there’s a chance to completely ‘gut’ the space.

If you have any other ideas to suggest, we’d be happy to hear form you.

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