Reasons to Use a Home Removalist Service

While the thought of transferring yourself and your family into a new place can be exciting, moving house can be extremely stressful and a lot of work, especially if you do not have a well-organised plan in place.

There are many things to do, and it can take longer than anticipated especially if you are thinking of doing it all yourself. Hiring a good local removalist service will help to take a lot of the stress and work away from you as they have the experience, tools, and man power to do it properly and quickly.

We have put together a few reasons why it is a good idea to hire a home removalist service when you are moving into a new place.

  1. Furniture can be heavy. Many pieces of furniture are heavier than they look, or are awkward sizes or shapes making them tough to carry. Professional removalists are used to dealing with heavy and awkward pieces and have plenty of experience and equipment. Additionally, they are used to working as a team, so something that might take you an hour to move, may only take them 15 minutes and you will not have to worry about them dropping it or getting hurt.
  2. Hiring a truck can be expensive. If you have not checked into the cost of hiring a truck, you may find they are more expensive than you anticipated. On top of the cost, you have to ensure you have the right license to be able to drive it, take into account the cost of fuel and additional expense if you are moving a long distance. If you hire a removalist service, they will provide the truck and drive it to your new home so that you do not have to worry.
  3. You will have to gather moving supplies. Obviously, if you do not hire a home removalist service you will be responsible for gathering your own moving supplies. This should include sturdy boxes, bungee cords, packing supplies, furniture blankets and pads, and possibly dolly trucks if you have large or heavy items to move. Most, if not all of these items are supplied by removalists when they are hired to do a job.
  4. Are your things insured? A professional home removalist service will be fully insured with at least transit and public liability. This means that if any of your things are damaged during the moving process, insurance will repair or replace them. If you decide to do the move yourself, you may find that your homeowners or renters insurance does not cover your belongings while they are in transit.

If you are going to be moving soon, why not try our Tradebusters Connect local directory service? We have hand-picked three of the best home removalist services in your area, and they are ready to speak to you today.

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