Painters Sydney Bondi – Tips From The Pros!

Painters Bondi: Tradesmen Share Pro Painting Secrets

Painting is a skill and not everyone can pull the perfect paint job off. In our minds, the job appears as easy as what you see on an half hour do-it-yourself television program; however, did you know painters in Bondi sometimes spend two or four days just on an average size room? According to them, it is time for prep, prime, and paint correctly. Even then, they will do a walk through and meticulously go over their work for any flaws.

Painters Bondi Sydney: What We Can Learn From the Pros

Move your stuff

Take the time to clear the room. Too many horror stories come from the best tradesmen in the painting business about you carpet being ruined in one splash, or drywall dust flecking all over a beautiful couch set.  Experienced painters in Sydney Bondi  have told us that removing hardware, and light fixtures can save much grief later during clean-up. If you must take on a painting job yourself, invest in a good canvas drop cloth; paint will dribble without notice. Plastic sheeting will only cause a slippery and messy surface which doesn’t absorb the drips.

Prep and Prime time

This is the point of the painting project seasoned painters will tell you they spend a majority of their focus. Most people have a preconceived notion in home renovations that painting is a paint bucket and brush and they are done. The biggest mistakes are made here, only to be seen too late.  Sponge bath your walls to remove buildup, and while you are washing looks for marks, chips, gaps. Here is where it gets unbelievably tricky with a trying to acquire a professional paint job. Professional painters in Sydney and Bondi understand that prepping has solutions, spackles, sanding, caulking, and so many other solutions designed for specific surfaces, and possible corrective problems which must be dealt with before painting. Even a wall where smoking has occurred needs a different mixture. You might be dealing with damaged wood requiring specific wood filler and sanding. Primers also require skill because they are not just diluted paint; primers ensure an even base, seal stains, and bond topcoats.

Painters Sydney Bondi: Select a Painter, and then Select Paint

In reality, most could climb a ladder and slap a new color on…but how does it really look? The next morning the paint begins to bubble and you don’t know why. Qualified painting tradesmen exist in Bondi and surrounding areas. These skilled local tradesmen know exactly how to beautify a space and leave a home proud.

If you want to find a painter in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs, why not let our Free Tradebusters Tradesmen Concierge assist you. Our team will speak to you directly about your needs and help arrange the best fit painters in Sydney Bondi for your project from our tried and tested network. You can tell us about your painting job in Bondi or anywhere in Sydney  and we will contact you back shortly.

Painters in Sydney to Bondi – Right one right here!

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